Made in Canada Transition: Where we're at!

It’s just been over a month since we announced our Transition to 100% Made in Canada Clothing and the amount of support from the community has been overwhelming. So we wanted to give you all an update and keep you in the loop as we go through this change in our organization.

Like we said before, the change is not going to happen overnight, but already we’ve seen a big impact on the way that we think, produce and engage with the community. We’ve already launched our YYC Made in Canada Collection with a fresh new look, working on our fall lineup with even more Made in Canada gear and a goal to donate 1000 toques through our Giving Toque Campaign and are doing a tonne of Custom Collabs to help share the stories from the community of those who support Canadian Made and are striving to have a positive impact in their community.

Our 100% Made in Canada YYC collection includes both tees and crewnecks. We’ve relaunched with a new design that gives the gear a fresh new look. These tees and crewnecks are produced at a top of the line, 3rd generation, family run business in Canada that abides by Canadian labour and environment standards. We switched from 100% cotton tees to a 50/50 cotton and polyester blend that is softer and better fitting. All of our new made in Canada gear has a woven label (also made in Canada) that elevates the garment and takes it to the next level. We launched them in our ever popular maroon and black but also in white just for spring.

For our crewnecks, we took some feedback from our customers and adjusted the fit. No more baggy arms and tight waist band. These crewnecks are softer and far better fitting, we know that you’ll love the way that you’ll look and feel in these puppies. We’ve come out with them in our best seller maroon, black and sports grey. Keep an eye out for more colours in the future.

Also just for spring, we’ve done a limited run of custom tank tops for the YYC and CAN collection in both black and white. Get these while you can before they are gone because we aren’t going to be making anymore this year! Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty more ideas for the fall that build community including wanting to continue our Giving Toque campaign that we did last year and doubling our donation to over 1000 toques.

We also have been working on a few custom collaborations that  help share the stories from businesses and organizations that don’t want to just print their logo on any garment but want to support Canadian manufacturing and a diversified Canadian economy. These collaborations share stories from these amazing community builders about how they are making a positive impact on the community and showcases how they are going about doing it. From businesses, to non-profits, retailers and community associations, they all have a story to tell and we are excited to help share it out with everyone.

Local Laundry wants to do things a bit differently and wants to show that small businesses can have a big impact on their community and give back. In order to get more collections switched over to 100% made in Canada production, we need to make some space in our warehouse. Instead of offering the traditional discount on our gear, we want to do something a bit different that builds community and supports others at the same time. Which is why we are excited to announce that for every piece of our CAN Collection sold, we will donate $5 to the Canadian Sport Institute to help support Canadian athletes and those who help them. The Canadian Sport Institute provides world-leading Olympic and Paralympic training environments to elite athletes and coaches across Alberta. Their team of experts delivers sport science and medicine, coaching and life services to power podium performances and help Canada win more medals.

Our goal is to use this campaign to shed some light on the work that the Canadian Sports Institute does for our country’s athletes and to share stories from the people behind the athletes like trainers, doctors, educators. The more CAN gear that we can sell, the more that we can donate to the Canadian Sports Institute and the sooner we can relaunch our CAN Collection on 100% made in Canada clothing.

Keep checking back with us to see how we are doing and don’t be afraid of reaching out with questions, comments or rude remarks, we are always happy to receive any criticisms to help get us better. We’ve got lots to do and can’t wait to do it with your help and support.

Eat Canadian Beef. Drink Canadian Beer. Wear Canadian Clothes.


The Local Laundry Gang