Made in Canada: Buy Better, Buy Less

A few months ago, we got the chance to go visit the manufacturer who is making our new Made in Canada garments. 

Before we decided to make the switch to all Made in Canada clothing, our garments would magically show up in a box from who knows where and we wouldn't think twice about it. We didn't know any better, we were just trying to get the best clothes we could without spending a fortune and we just thought that was what everyone did. 

But when you actually go into a clothing manufacturer, you see the massive rolls of cloth in every colour imaginable, you see the thousands of potential patterns it can be cut into, then you actually do see it being cut by hand and then sewn right in front of you, it changes your perspective a bit. 

The clothing that you are wearing comes from somewhere. A group of people you'll never meet spent hours making your clothing into something from a roll of cloth and fabric. It's more than just a sweater or a t-shirt or a hat, its a living for someone trying to support their family, to learn a trade, to create something. 

That's why it means so much more to us now that our clothes are all Made in Canada. It means that we can support these people, we can make sure that they are getting paid a fair and living wage, that they can support their families and work in a safe and happy environment. 

When clothing manufacturers are able to pay their workers better and in a safe environment, the clothing actually becomes a better quality, you can see and feel the difference in a Made in Canada garment compared to one that came from overseas. It might be more expensive, but that's ok, if ensuring that your clothes comes from a more ethical source means you have to pay a few more dollars to get it, isn't that a good thing? Which is why we always say that it's better to be buying less clothes but buy better clothes that are going to be better quality, last longer and let you know that they are part of something bigger and better than just fast fashion. 

So thank you for supporting us, other Canadian clothing companies, Canadian workers and a diverse Canadian economy!

The Local Laundry Gang