Why We Made This: LOVED 2.0

Why We Made This: LOVED 2.0

It thrills us to announce our second collaboration with lifestyle blogger Mr. Fabulous, LOVED. 2.0. This customer cut, sewn, Canadian made t-shirt celebrates pride in Alberta while giving back to the LGBTQ+ community. 

Everything we do is to build and support the community. Every collaboration we produce with other like-minded community builders, like Mr. Fabulous, we incorporate a give-back component. For our 2020 LOVED collaboration, we’re donating $15 from every LOVED t-shirt to the Rainbow Railway. The Rainbow Railway is an organization focused on providing solutions for LGBTQI people who need immediate assistance because they are facing a serious threat to their lives and safety.

Photos by: Lyndsay Greenwood


We are relaunching our 2.0 LOVED t-shirt to celebrate Pride, take part in the movement and open our eyes and our hearts to injustices faced and continue to fight for equality. The 2020 LOVED t-shirt was created to remind us all that we are all LOVED, no matter our sexuality, race or gender identity. We’ve partnered with Mr. Fabulous to create our second rendition of our LOVED t-shirt to remind us all that 365 days a year just how LOVED each and everyone is. 

“The 2020 LL x LOVED. shirts’ construction and the rainbow colours it bares truly honour those who gathered in San Francisco to create the iconic flag for the ‘Gay Freedom Day Parade’ as a symbol of inclusion and hope.” - Ryan Massel, aka Mr. Fabulous.

For the second rendition of our LOVED collaboration t-shirt, we went with a custom cut & sewn garment, made with a blend of bamboo and organic cotton, because like people, our shirts are custom and 100% unique. By purchasing a LOVED t-shirt, you can aid in the movement that everyone, no matter their race, gender identity, sexual orientation or background, are all LOVED! Designed to represent the LGTBQ flag colours, LOVED 2.0 logo is on a black canvas. As an ode to Pride and the LGBTQ community, the collaboration t-shirt aims to build community by donating dollars raised from the t-shirt towards the Rainbow Railroad.

We make all of our garments in Canada, from the milling, dying, cutting and sewing of the garment. When you purchase a garment, that’s made in Canada, that purchase enables over 25-30 people to be employed in safe working environments, earning a living wage, aiding in the well-being of the Canadian supply chain and enabling a diversified Canadian workforce and economy. 

Order your LOVED t-shirt today. Keep your laundry local, and shop Canadian made gear and support and give back to the LGBTQ community and Pride movement. If you have any questions, concerns, rude remarks or just feel like having a chat shoot us an email at info@locallaundry.ca!

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