LOVED. a wonderful collaboration initiative with the fabulous Mr. Fabulous that celebrates individuality in the community! The LOVED. tee's bold yet simplistic design shares the six colours of the rainbow separately and features the Local Laundry's signature mountain logo at the bottom right. 

Gather your crew, fashion a rainbow together and let the world know that YOU are LOVED.

Sometimes the simplest world can brighten a day, offer hope and make a world of difference for someone who’s been made to feel lesser than.

Fifty years ago, homosexuality was decriminalized in Canada, and in 2005 same-sex marriage was legalized. But still, the LGBTQ community fights for humanity, equality and acceptance, not only in our own country and provinces but also worldwide.

Over the past year, I [Mr. Fabulous] have been at work with selected brands and business, who have shown care and compassion for ALL people, to create limited-edition offerings with the purpose to share an important message:

You are LOVED.

Since it’s inception, Local Laundry has asked people to celebrate community and be proud of who they are and where they’re from.

As such, as part of the LOVED. collection, Local Laundry and I have worked together to design an ultra-soft tee - made, designed and printed in Canada - to specifically celebrate the LGBTQ community.

The LOVED. tee has bee printed in 6 individual colours, giving its wearer the opportunity to choose the one that suits their personality best and the opportunity to join together with friends to showcase their rainbow for Pride.

Right now until August 16th with the purchase of one LOVED. tee, shoppers will receive an exclusive invite for two to attend a special launch party for the collection which will take place at ESPY Experience in Inglewood.

The party will take place on Saturday, August 17th between 7 to 10 pm where you’ll be treated to a night of sips and snacks from Fiasco Gelato, Urban Grub, Big Rock Brewery and Eau Claire Distillery.

The night will also host some amazing performances from some of Calgary’s Top Queens, a customization station by Pinnovate as well as several other special surprises.

To purchase your Local Laundry LOVED. tee visit or click HERE.

Your name will be added to the guest list and shirt available for pick up the same evening.

We hope so see you Saturday, August 17th at ESPY! Show us your P R I D E!