Local Laundry Small Business Gift Exchange

Local Laundry Small Business Gift Exchange

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It’s that time of year! For many small businesses, this is crunch time, the busy season, the market season, the season that makes up a big chunk of your annual revenue.

What better time to show our support and love for all small businesses and do a gift exchange? Many of our teams are too small to do a Secret Santa with ourselves so why not do one with other small businesses? You get to learn a bit about another small business, another about your business and who doesn’t like to get a surprise gift during the holidays?

So here’s out it works:

  1. $20 CAD minimum retail gift value - it doesn’t have to be a big gift but if you can send at least $20 retail value of your small business. There is no maximum. Go nuts! If you do decide to go over the $20 minimum retail value, there is no guarantee that the gift you receive will be of similar value.
  2. As soon as you get your match, please send the gift out within 5 business days to ensure it arrives in time before the holidays. 
  3. Once you receive your gift, please create a video of it and post it either on TikTok or IG Reels. Please tag the small business as well as @locallaundry so we can share it as well. Short-form videos will get more traction on social media and are preferred, however, if you are uncomfortable creating or posting a video then a photo will suffice.
  4. You will be matched with another small business but it will be a different small business that will be matched with you. So the small business you send a gift to won’t be the one who will send you one. 
  5. If your small business is a service-based business, or you don’t own a small business at all feel free to order and gift from your favourite small business. It doesn’t have to be your own. 
  6. Handwritten notes about yourself and your small business are encouraged!
  7. Some gifts may not arrive until after the holidays. If you haven’t received anything by on January 15th, 2023 let us know at info@locallaundry.ca and we’ll dig into it! 
  8. Local Laundry is just the facilitator of this small business gift exchange, we aren’t responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items. We won’t be able to share tracking information. 
  9. Have fun and spread the holiday cheer! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask, email us at info@locallaundry.ca or call us at 1(844) 925-6225