Local Laundry and YMCA Calgary come together to support YMCA Ukraine

We are proud to announce the success of our campaign to raise funds for the people of Ukraine in partnership with YMCA Calgary. Thanks to the overwhelming response and support from our community, we were able to raise over $7850, including some generous matching funds.

Our Ukraine Zip-Up Sweater campaign was a response to the ongoing war in Ukraine and our desire to give back to those affected by the crisis. We worked closely with YMCA Calgary, who has been working with YMCA Ukraine for over 15 years, to raise awareness and funds for their humanitarian efforts.

Our team designed a simple yet powerful garment that showcased the blue and yellow colours of the Ukrainian flag and incorporated a heart and peace sign to represent our hope for a better future. Made responsibly in Canada with bamboo cotton, the Ukraine Zip-Up Sweater is not only a stylish and comfortable garment but also a way to support a meaningful cause.

Thanks to the support of our community of 'Locals,' we were able to contribute $50 from every sweater sold directly to the YMCA Calgary fund for YMCA Ukraine. The remaining $50 went towards covering the cost of production, as we were transparent about not profiting from the tragedy and crisis that has consumed Ukraine and neighbouring countries. As a brand that gives back, we will always look for ways to contribute during a crisis. 

We are grateful to YMCA Calgary for their leadership and expertise in ensuring that our contributions went towards creating safe and thriving communities in Ukraine. The funds raised will go a long way in supporting their ongoing humanitarian efforts in the country.

At Local Laundry, our mission is to donate a million dollars to Canadian charities by 2030. This campaign was a small but meaningful step towards achieving that goal, and we are proud to have contributed what we could to an ongoing tragedy. We encourage anyone with the ability to do so, to also seek ways in which you can help. 

Thank you to everyone who supported this campaign and helped make it a success. Your contributions have made a real impact, and we look forward to continuing to work together to build strong and resilient communities through responsibly made garments.