November 01, 2016 3 min read

In our recent collaboration adventure we met up with Rita the owner of Calgary's own Kindred Thrift. Ran by besties Rita and Tessa, Kindred Thrift is one of the newest companies in the world of thrift clothing. The two trendy women of Kindred Thrift, Rita holding down the Calgary fort and Tessa in Victoria, B.C., shop exclusively at thrift stores around the city to find diamonds in the rough and search for clothing pieces that can be altered to look have more of a modern look and appeal.


Photos by Tanner Strachan

It was a funny coincidence because I had actually met Rita years prior to this collaboration in 2011 when she worked for Red Bull. Cut to the recent 2016 when I had noticed @kindred_thrift had liked some of my Instagram posts. As I was admiring Kindred Thrift’s beautifully crafted Instagram page I realized, “hey I know her!” What more than a little Instagram photo liking to bring two people to re-connect again.


Photos by Tanner Strachan

So the Local Laundry fam headed to Rita’s home on a bright, crisp Sunday morning. I must disclose Rita’s 1905 heritage home nestled in the heart of Kensington is absolutely stunning. The antique looking and originally rustic top floor home took our breath away, it completely encapsulated not only Rita, but Kindred Thrift. Rita put together three different looks for both models,Kim andDavey to display alternate ways to put an outfit together with a crew neck and t-shirt. 


Photos byTanner Strachan

Personally, I love what Rita and Tessa are doing with Kindred Thrift. I think it’s fun, creative and unique. The idea behind this collaboration was to change the perspective of how Local Laundry apparel can be worn. I asked Rita if she could alter one of our crew necks and put together a few different outfits to showcase how Local Laundry clothing can be worn differently - and she did exactly that! So, we gave Rita a black crew neck to change or alter…she cut the bottom of it off to make it into a cropped crew neck. The looks on Dustin and Connor faces were priceless, “I can’t believe you cut one of our crew necks!” It was hilarious, but cutting a piece of our clothing was the whole point of the collaboration. As you can see the crop crewneck looks awesome, to be honest I am going to cut one of mine tonight – Sorry Dust and Connor!


Photos byTanner Strachan

This is what is so special about Kindred Thrift, Rita and Tessa find articles of clothing that have been passed by or went unnoticed and altered or re-fitted in way to make it look more modern, more wearable and more unique. Again, I wanted our viewers perspectives to be changed. The purpose for our collaboration was to showcase how you can rock a crew neck or t-shirt to work or to a nice dinner, or with a skirt or to just relax and lounge in.


Photos byTanner Strachan 

We had an incredible time hanging out and collaborating with Kindred Thrift and getting to know both Kim and Davey, along with our photographer for the collab Tanner! I hope you enjoyed the blog, now go style your t-shirts and crew necks! 


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