Who else is sick of the phrase ‘new normal’... we sure are. We’re seeing our customers, small businesses, entrepreneurs, even our friends, family and neighbours navigate through, not only times of uncertainty, but taking control of how to best support one another. Throughout the pandemic the number one trend we’ve seen is support; “how can we best support you”. 

Over the last, what feels like a million weeks, support from friends, family and neighbours continues to show up in our community. From grocery shopping for seniors or friends and family, to siting 6-ft apart, to tossing a like or a follow on Instagram, support, community and connection are things that will never be closed. Here are another eight small businesses that can you support from your couch!


The pandemic has made us into crafters, storage organizers, deck builders, teachers….basically we can do it all, and Pinnovate is here to support our creative needs. Before COVID-19, Canada’s first DIY studio, Pinnovate, was open for paint splattering, wine drinking, cupcake eating, craft making, essentially a one-stop-shop to either drop the kiddos off at or have some fun with the gals! Now, Pinnovate has shifted to support its customers while being at home through their DIY delivery service. How cool is that?! DIY right to your doorstep!


Photo by @nina.ycong

A celebrator of local businesses across Canada, Curiocity’s HQ is right in our own city. Curiocity’s #1 mandate is to uncover the very best in our city through their guides, events and experiences. Not without some clever captions and not-so-dad joke humour, Curiocity has been our go-to for staying up to date with their weekly and monthly Things To Do guides, timely news updates on our world and showcasing how businesses have adapted through the pandemic. 


Five’21 Coffee Roasters combines intention and connection in one cup of coffee. These guys are walking the talk by fuelling and caffeinating us to live a life of intention and roasting coffee that brings a personal connection to the farmers that produce it. Five’21 Coffee Roasters their crowdfunding campaign with ATB and needs your support. By pledging even $50 to the campaign you could receive rewards with bags of coffee (of course) and even other fun products from Friday Sock Co and other small businesses! Learn more on their crowdfunding website here!


Talk about a BREWTY! We had to throw at least one dad joke into the mix! There is definitely no shortage of cool local breweries and Ribstone Creek Brewery is no exception. Support your driveway happy hours and celebrate small-town histories and stories with Ribstone’s Prairie Pirate & Bomber series and other staples in their Mainstays and Seasonal ales. Use code SUPPORTABBEER for 10% off your next online order until June 30th!


In need of an adventure? Look no further, The Wild Life offers a monthly subscription to outdoor adventure kits to get your kiddos, not only off your couch, but outside! Stacked with extra equipment and gear, fun challenges, and crafts, plus kids can track their progress with custom merit pins! Combine imagination, crafts and the outdoors into one fun package and never hear the words “can you make me a snack?!” again… or for at least an hour! 



We love a good market. We’re super thrilled to be involved in the upcoming Makers Market from June 5-7. Hosted online you can shop ‘virtually’ from the convenience of your own home starting June 5th at 12pm through till 8pm on June 8th. With an easy peasy lemon squeezy checkout system your online shopping experience, the only thing taking the hit will be your credit card, ha. Shop the market at


Dads can be tough to shop for, if you don’t want to buy the ol’ man socks this year for Father's Day grab a Rad Dad Box curated by The Olfactory! Choose a gift for Dads skincare, his gear and even his coffee. These gift boxes are only available until June 7th. Get the hassle over with early and give Dad the gift he really wants! The Olfactory specializes in beautifully crafted, natural fragrances that aim to elevate your space. Shop essential oils and other goodies on The Olfactory’s website here!


Let’s face it, we’re all trying to stay away from the dreaded quarantine 15, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have a little just have to find the loophole. The good news is we found it with Dwarf Stars Chocolates. From vegan to sugar-free keto options, Dwarf Stars is cooking up cool flavours like Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Butter Cups, Vegan Strawberries & Creme, Carrot Cake Butter Cups and so much more! Try a mix-pack today :) 

There you have it, fam! We’ll be back soon to highlight more local businesses, in the meantime, stay local friends :)