How to be a Community Builder

Hey, Local Laundry fam! We hope everyone is having a lovely and warm Sunday and a great start to your upcoming week. To support our March initiative and charity with Federation of Calgary Communities, we wanted to share our story about how to become a Community Builder, what it means and why it's important! Scroll, read & enjoy!


Let's dive into it!

“We want to be Canada's best company at building community through our four pillars of community:  representing where you come from, sharing stories from Community Builders, collaborating with other people wanting to have a positive impact on their Community and by giving back to our community through local charities. Each month we will donate 10% of our profits to a local cause that our customers help us choose.”

These are what we call the Local Laundry four pillars of our community. From the beginning, we wanted to use locally inspired apparel to give members of a city the ability to express his or her pride in their city, community and overall where they come from. We saw an opportunity to build community amongst one another and it’s an opportunity that we haven’t stopped working harder to build. The term “building community” can seem a bit vague, and a lot of people ask, “what does building community mean and how do you do it?”

For us, building community is a lot more than just wearing a few letters on your chest or donating to local charities; it goes beyond that. Building community is about celebrating with others who share the values and want to make a positive impact on his or her community, local neighbourhood or small business, city or country.

It’s with the people who are constantly trying or wanting to make a difference and an impact that we want to share stories and collaborate with or how we like to say “get into a little trouble with”. We want to find ways to work with community builders in any large or small capacity so that we can all grow together and showcase the amazing things that they are doing to make that positive impact on their community.

Community builders come in all shapes and sizes and they can contribute to making a positive impact on their community in a wide variety of ways, both publicly and privately. They can be small business owners, trying to bring something unique to their customers. They can be artists who create beautiful pieces of art or music right here in our backyards. They can be photographers, capturing split-second moments that tell a story with a thousand words. They can be regular, everyday people who just go the extra mile or spend the extra dollar to make sure that they are supporting local businesses, products and emerging brands.

That’s why each and every person who drinks Canadian Craft Beer, eats Canadian Beef or purchases from a Canadian brand is, in our minds, someone who is making a positive impact on the community and what we like to call a ‘Community Builder’. We’re making it a priority to continuously share stories of Community Builders! We want to know the stories of these people, both our customers and others, about why they do the things that they do and what makes them want to support and build their community.

By sharing the stories of these amazing Community Builders, we are not only telling their story of a community but we are also telling Local Laundry’s story. Because without the amazing people and supporters of those who want to make that positive impact, to represent, share stories, collaborate and give back, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We need Community Builders, we need more of them, our community needs them. By us sharing their stories we hope that we can encourage others to try and make that small part to create that positive impact on their neighbourhood. You never know how much one small act can have such a large impact on those around you.

If you or anyone you know has a good story about someone who is making a positive impact on the community and would like to share or would like to get into trouble with us, please let us know and fire an email at