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It's our favourite time of year! Not just because it's the holidays, but because of the delicious holiday drink options we have available in the city of Calgary. With that, it's time for our annual tradition of trying the city's best with Tyler from Commonly Coffee.

Article by Tyler Hagan of Commonly Coffee


Local Laundry t-shirt with Commonly Coffee

It’s beginning to look a latte like Christmas! Ok ok, maybe I’ll stick to sharing about great coffee, and leave the bad jokes for another day!

When the calendar turns to December here in Calgary there’s no denying that the thrill of the holiday season descends on this great city, and along with the lights and sights, there comes some incredible local coffee shops who create some tasty holiday-inspired drinks. And when that weather gets colder, grabbing a warm beverage while you’re out shopping in your favourite neighbourhood, or maybe going for an outdoor skate is always a great idea.

Believe it or not, but this year marks five years sharing partnering with the incredible team at Local Laundry. And through all these years they continue to impress me (just like these cafes) with how dedicated they are to supporting all things local and ensuring this great city of Calgary and its businesses are always front and centre.
So like I do every year, I swung by the Local Laundry Wear-House, and grabbed a few new things: like their new Sudsy Graphic Tee. This one was a no-brainer when it comes in a colorway called “LATTE!” I also picked up a few items from CDN (another great Canadian garment company) that was recently welcomed into the Local Laundry family.

All that was left to do was to head out and visit some great spots to grab some tasty drinks.

Ok, so maybe one more fun joke before we get going:

Why do Dasher and Dancer love coffee?

Because they’re Santa’s star bucks! LOL.

So here is my list of 5 must-visit spots you can enjoy in the weeks to come! Let’s all do our part to support local, and to make a lasting impact in our city. But remember these don’t last forever so make sure to plan your own coffee-crawl to try them all and figure out which one is your favourite.



Instagram: @rossocoffeeroasters

Holiday Drink: Gingerbread Latte

Gingerbread Latte

The team at Rosso always does an incredible job creating great holiday-inspired drinks. And this year is no different, with the addition of a brand-new creation—the Gingerbread Latte. Featuring a double-shot of espresso, cinnamon honey from Calgary based Drizzle Honey, perfectly steamed milk, and tasty gingerbread topping.

Make it caffeine-free with decaf espresso, dairy-free with a milk alternative, and gluten-free without the topping! However you prefer it, it’s sure to be one you’ll be coming back for again and again before the holidays are over.

Rosso has 5 locations throughout Calgary. I love stopping by their Inglewood location to grab a drink and then stroll along 9 th Ave. checking out a number of my favourite local shops. If you’re going to support local, this is one of the best places in the city to do so.



Instagram: @nhbrcoffee

Holiday Drink: Cookie Butter Oat Latte

Neighbour Coffee Calgary

This is my first time featuring Neighbour on this list and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Built on the shoulders of their sister company—Our Daily Brett, you just know to expect fantastic hospitality and an equally as amazing atmosphere. And let me tell you, the coffee is worth stopping by to experience.

The team at Neighbour have created a number of delicious drinks this season and it was difficult to pick just one. But the one that piqued my interest the most was their Cookie Butter Oat Latte. It’s the perfect blend of cookie butter, espresso, oat milk and topped with Biscoff cookie crumble. I’m a sucker for those little cookies so you know this one would be enjoyable.

Neighbour has 2 locations in Calgary. Be sure to stop by their Inglewood or Altadore shops this holiday season. No matter which one you visit they’ll be sure to hand-craft you a delicious drink from their holiday menu.



Instagram: @monogramco

Holiday Drink: Egg Nog Latte

Monogram Egg Nog Latte Calgary

There couldn’t be a Calgary coffee crawl without an Egg Nog Latte. Just because other major coffee chains don’t offer them anymore, doesn’t mean you can’t find some even better options at local Calgary cafes.

Monogram has been a pioneer in growing the specialty coffee community in Calgary and this year I am thrilled to see they’ve kept one of my yearly must-haves. The reason it’s my favourite is their choice of Nog! They exclusively use D Dutchmen Egg Nog which is a well-known dairy located along Hwy 1 in Sicamous BC. If you’ve ever stopped there on a road trip to Vancouver, you know how good it is!

To bring even more variety to this holiday favourite, select your choice of espresso, matcha, or hojicha (new for this year)! It’s all topped off with a hint of freshly grated nutmeg to get you in the holiday spirit! ⁠

Monogram has 4 locations across the city: Downtown (5th Ave), Britannia, Altadore and their newest NW location in the University District. Each location has their own unique charm that reflects the neighbourhood they call home. Each are serving up this delicious drink so pick whichever is closest to you and go enjoy this tasty drink.



Instagram: @sxfcoffee

Holiday Drink: Peppermint Tonkarone

Sought x Found Calgary Pepermint Tonkarone

The team at Sought x Found have once again created a holiday-themed drink that is sure to wow your taste buds. They are constantly dreaming up unique and memorable drinks throughout the year, and to celebrate the holiday season they have the Peppermint Tonkarone.

Comprised of creamy Valrhona white chocolate, house made Tonka Syrup, natural Peppermint extract, and topped with a festive, aromatic, and surprising ingredient…Pink Peppercorn, this signature drink tastes like a basket full of Candy Canes and Almond Nougat.

If you’re like me, be sure to try it with their Smooth Sail Espresso. Or if coffee just isn’t your thing try it without (a perfect option for kids too!)

Sought x Found can be found in Crescent Heights just north of downtown on Centre Street. Located in the historic Tigerstedt block you can enjoy free parking in the back alley, along with some of the best hospitality you’ll find from any café. Stop by and see them roasting their incredible coffee right there towards the back of their shop! And grab a bag while you’re at it.


Good Trade

Instagram: @goodtradeco

Holiday Drink: Cranberry Cider

Good Trade Holiday Drink Cranberry Cider Calgary

This feature truly has something for everyone. And the team at Good Trade have also launched a holiday menu with that same approach in mind. With unique drinks sure to please everyone, this Cranberry Cider was what caught my eye.

This is a new drink for them this holiday season and with it being dairy-free, and coffee-free it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. This cinnamon-infused warmed cranberry cider is garnished with ground clove for that warm winter flavor. With a wonderful blend of spicy and sweet, this drink is sure to warm your spirits too.

Good Trade has two locations in Calgary, at the Crossroads Farmers Market (Fri-Sun) along with their flagship café in the heart of the Kensington neighborhood at 1154 Kensington Crescent NW. The Kensington neighborhood is one of my favorites to visit if you’re lucky enough to grab a seat next to their massive window! Such a great spot to sit, enjoy a tasty drink, and do some people-watching.


So there you have it! The holiday season is here once again, but as we know it doesn’t last forever. And that means these drinks won’t be around forever either. So when you’re out doing your holiday shopping at the many great local businesses Calgary has to offer, make sure to grab one of these incredible holiday coffee creations!

If you have any questions about the coffee community here in Calgary feel free to connect with me. There are so many more amazing cafes and coffee roasters here in this city, these were just four that I felt were offering unique holiday drink creations that I wanted to share!

One last thanks to the incredible team at Local Laundry for outfitting me in these stylish garments to keep me cozy and warm while I visited each of these incredible coffee shops across this great city of ours.

Happy Holidays,
-Tyler H.
Chief Coffee Drinker & Content Creator

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