Guest blog: This Girl Can

This Girl Can YYC Girls Expo.  

“This Girl Can,” presented by Hurd Ventures, is the first expo of it's kind here in Calgary.  We are two local moms pursuing our passion for supporting young women in our beautiful city. By providing an opportunity to showcase all of the many inspirational programs and people that Calgary has to offer, we hope to help girls reach their potential and create what their "own story" is and will be.

The community is how we met, what brought us together and what will continue to support us in the future. We first met on a late summer day at our local playground and some amazing friendships began while our two young daughters happily played on the swings. We were two new moms unknowingly seeking support from each other and the local community around us.  

Fast-forward a decade later, four more children, multiple dance competitions and hockey games, we are now navigating our way through the roller coaster ride of raising our families. While watching our daughters grow and form their own identity over the last ten years, we felt that resources and safe environments to learn about becoming a better self-were sometimes a struggle to find. Becoming a confident, independent young woman has never been more challenging. We wanted an outlet for our daughters to find meaningful opportunities to reach their potential. 

The world has told young girls what to do and how to look.  At “This Girl Can Expo,” we hope to break that stigma and show girls that the there are no boundaries.  After searching and seeking connections, we found that Calgary is full of rich resources and programs that help to support the growth and development of young girls in finding their ideal selves within our city.

We see beautiful young girls who are so influential at such a critical age.  Self-esteem and self-worth are real struggles that are challenged every day.  At “This Girl Can,” we have no agenda, no stigmas, no rules for how to be a girl. We are at a pivotal time.  Girl empowerment has never been more important.  It is time to join the movement and to show our daughters, granddaughters, sisters, friends, and nieces that they have the potential for their own unique greatness!!  Together, THIS GIRL CAN!