Summer in Calgary. Arguably the best 6 days of the year. LOL
Ok, while we know that summer doesn’t last forever here in Calgary, there is no denying it’s the season we all look forward to the most. Whether it’s a weekend road trip the mountains, meeting up with friends on a patio, or visiting great local shops in one of Calgary’s popular neighbourhoods, there is always something to do. When the sun comes out, this city really comes alive, and I sense that this year there is an energy in this city unlike anything we have seen for a few years. 

It feels like the Calgary food & beverage scene has emerged stronger this side of Covid, and this summer especially, I know how excited I am to hit up a number of my favourite spots. One of the best things we can continue to do is to support local. And that’s why after a year hiatus I am thrilled to be back collaborating with one of my favourite Calgary-based companies—LOCAL LAUNDRY—for our Summer 2022 Summer Coffee Drinks Feature. 

Calgary’s coffee community has continued to grow since my first feature on this page over two years ago and that’s something worth celebrating. So, when you’re strolling through your favourite neighbourhoods, and looking for a way to beat the heat this summer, consider grabbing one of these summer-inspired coffee drinks to cool you off from any and all of these four great Calgary coffee shops. And if you’re wanting to look good while doing it, grab some new threads from Local Laundry while you’re at it!

So who am I to say all of this?

My name is Tyler Hagan and I am the Chief Coffee Drinker & Content Creator over at, a website based locally here in Calgary that is devoted to being a strong voice in support of the specialty coffee community. I love this city and its coffee scene, and I want to highlight for you some of the best coffee shops this city has to offer along with their creative summer-inspired drinks.
Tyler Hagan, Chief Coffee Drinker at Commonly Coffee

Monogram Coffee
Instagram: @monogramco

No surprise to see Monogram back on this list again for summer 2022. Monogram continues to set themselves apart as one of Calgary’s most well-loved coffee roasters. There is never a question of quality when you visit any of their spaces. Each Barista is incredibly knowledgeable, yet equally as passionate to help you grow in your knowledge and understanding of specialty coffee. You can find their cafes Downtown, in Altadore, Britannia and their newest location in the NW University District. 

This year’s drink is a brand-new creation for the Monogram team, and it’s a home-run. Their Blueberry Basil Tonic + Espresso is a unique blend of sweet summer blueberry with a hint of earthy-ness from the basil. Sparkling tonic brings an effervescence to the drink, and this wouldn’t be a coffee-inspired drink without a double-shot of Monogram’s outstanding espresso. This drink is just one of many they have launched this summer so after you’ve enjoyed this one, maybe grab another one for the road. 

My summer drink suggestion: Blueberry Basil Tonic + Espresso 
Monogram’s Britannia café is located at: 800 49 Ave SW.

Rosso Coffee Roasters
Instagram: @rossocoffeeroasters

There is a story to tell with this drink! I grabbed the Mango Matcha Iced Latte one morning when I was connecting up with a friend who I hadn’t seen for ages. This drink impressed me so much that when I got home later that day, I said to my wife you need to try this! So after dinner we headed back downtown for another one!  There are few drinks that have EVER impressed me THAT MUCH to cause me to go back to a cafe twice in the same day. Let alone one that has NO COFFEE in it. I knew this drink had to be a part of this feature, especially for those of you reading who perhaps aren’t the biggest fans of coffee.

And when you see the gorgeous Orange, White & Green colours you know this drink is ready for its close-up for the ‘gram. The base is sweet Mango Puree, followed by creamy Oat Milk, and topped with smooth Matcha! Rosso Coffee Roasters continues to innovate and create wonderful summer-inspired drinks, and this one is proof. It was a hard decision whether to feature this creation or their new Maple Iced Latte so maybe if you’re torn just order one of each!

My summer drink suggestion: Mango Matcha Iced Latte
Rosso Coffee Roasters (Ramsay) is located at: #15 - 803 24 Ave. SE

Phil & Sebastian Coffee
Instagram: @philandseb

Phil & Sebastian is local favourite of many Calgarians! They have a number of locations across the city and my current favourite location happens to be their newest one in Bridgeland. And how can you go wrong when you’ve got Una Pizza & Village Ice Cream as neighbours! But when it comes to coffee, Phil & Sebastian continues to impress me. This year’s summer-inspired drink is a nod to one of the biggest TikTok trends of this past year…espresso and orange juice. They call it, the Espresso Mimosa (minus the alcohol). 

Featuring a double-shot of espresso, sweet orange juice and a splash of Fever Tree Tonic this summer drink is fresh & fun with just a lil’ kick, for good measure. A perfect drink for your morning brunch with friends, or in the afternoon when those summer temps rise! There is no wrong time to order this drink. And while you’re at it, maybe grab a sweet treat from Hoopla Donuts (Phil & Sebastian’s sister company) located inside their cafes! Is there any better combo then coffee & donuts?! 

My summer drink suggestion: Espresso Mimosa 
Phil & Sebastian’s Bridgeland Café is located at: 69 7a Street NE

Sought x Found
Instagram: @sxfcoffee

Sought x Found have quickly become a fan-favourite here in Calgary and with the husband & wife team of Caleb & Kitty behind the bar you will always feel like family when you walk in. Their Centre street café is a must-visit, if only for the fact that it has free parking out back, but truthfully for the incredible thought and attention they put into each and every drink they make. This year they truly have put some incredible thought into their summer drinks menu. While they have several creative drinks to offer, the one I chose to feature is what they are calling the Pink “BonBon” Iced Latte.  So imagine an iced latte that tastes just like a creamy strawberry-yogurt milkshake, but created without any strawberry or yogurt! Yup! My tastebuds couldn’t believe what they were experiencing.  And neither will yours! 

This drink features the natural character of the Paradise Pink Bourbon coffee, driven by an inoculated double anaerobic fermentation, and rounded off by the natural sweetness of local organic milk. Ok, while this may sound super nerdy, just trust me on this one and try it out. This is why I love coffee so much, because of drinks like these that just blow your mind! 

My summer drink suggestion: Pink “BonBon” Iced Latte
Sought x Found is located at: 916 Centre St N.

So there you have it! Summer is here in Calgary, so get out and enjoy all of these tasty summer drinks at these great local coffee shops. What we do to support local will make a huge impact on the many amazing business here in our city. 

If you have any questions about the coffee community here in Calgary feel free to get in touch with me through the info below. A huge shout-out again to the Local Laundry team for inviting me to put this feature together. 

Instagram: @commonlycoffee