Guest Blog - Ricky and Amy Robinson

April 19, 2019 2 min read

Guest Blog - Ricky and Amy Robinson

Today on the guest blog we hear from two local creatives from Australia who have decided to make Calgary their home. We hear from Amy Robinson about her and her husband's, Ricky, journey:
We have always had a creative drive in us. We met in high school in Australia and got to know each other in music class, writing songs for each other. 

We later developed that creativity further as Ricky took up photography and I studied professional film, tv, photography and personal styling. 

Since moving to Calgary, our creativity has been fed into even more by being a part of the small business and entrepreneurial community here. Calgary really has something special going on in this regards and this exciting community lines really well with our own values. What you don’t see so often in other cities is the ability for small businesses to support collaboration over competition. While there is a healthy level of competitiveness here, it comes second to building each other up and supporting one another. This, I believe, is the secret ingredient to building an unstoppable, successful business community. Calgary, and in particular Local Laundry, is really hitting the nail on the head here and you can tell through the originality and individualism of each local business. By building each other up, you are naturally less inclined to replicate another’s ideas, (as is so prevalent with a competitive mindset) and more inspired by originality and uniqueness (especially when everyone around you is cheering you on!). 

By buying local, you are not only supporting small businesses but you are also helping care for the earth as there has been less transport involved in bringing the product to you and this is something we care about too.
As content creators, we are passionate about building up and supporting small businesses for these reasons through digital marketing. We are so encouraged and inspired by the small business culture here in Calgary and plan to use it as an example wherever we go in the world."


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