Guest Blog: Project InTandem

Hey Hey Calgarians happy Sunday! Today we have a very special guest blog from our friends of Project InTandem. Formed to infuse more creative artistic awareness in Calgary, Project InTandem was developed to showcase emerging artists and their talents. A beautiful initiative and even wonderful story, so keep scrolling and reading on! 

Let's dive into it!  

Calgary possesses many emerging artists, dancers, actors, and designers, hungry to be working professionally. Unfortunately, it has become a trend for them to end up leaving Calgary because of the lack of artistic opportunities.

Three emerging artists Meghann Michalsky, Matthew Hall, and Sylvie Moquin have teamed up to create Project InTandem. Project InTandem is a double-bill contemporary dance theatre production premiering two works, one created by Michalsky and Hall, and the other by Moquin.

Project InTandem was designed to create an opportunity for emerging artists to produce and showcase their talents in evening-length work. Michalsky explains, “Right now is a crucial time in Calgary as there are many emerging artists that want to stay and develop their careers here. This project was a realization that at our experience level we can create growth and opportunities within our own arts community.”

Instead of taking on the burden of producing and creating an entire show singularly, they’ve decided to achieve these similar goals, in tandem -side-by-side, hence their name Project InTandem. Together they teamed up to share the financial burden of producing a show and to impact more of the arts community. Project InTandem has employed fifteen emerging artists both onstage and behind the scenes in design, and technical aspects. "We tried to bring in people from different disciplines, not just the dance community," says Hall. By mixing the disciplines we will hopefully reach a broader audience as well as have a more diverse show overall. Having a different set of eyes on the project allows more growth and fosters a team mentality over personal ambitions.

Project InTandem is passionate about setting a precedent for the emerging arts industry. Not only creatively but financially as well. Throughout the project, they have gained an immense amount of knowledge in the business of art and look forward to propelling it forward in the community.

Michalsky explains that “Collaboration on this scale, by emerging artists, isn’t often seen when it comes to producing work, we’re taking a new administrative approach. Splitting the production costs, and sharing the workload is more economical.”

Moquin hopes that this project will be a new, “model for sustainment to progress as artists and creators.” She adds, “Not only as a choreographer to create longer works, but also for the community and the dancers here to be part of a bigger project, or even to witness that it is possible in this city – and that’s huge.” Hall says, “The outcome is to also be recognized in the Calgary community as a team, a group of artists who are taking risks and not waiting for opportunities that may or may not be there.”

Project InTandem will premiere November 9-11th at The Pumphouse Theatres - Victor Mitchell Theatre, in Calgary, Alberta. For more information on showtimes and ticket purchased online here!



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