Guest blog: NOVO Watches

Tonight’s guest blog comes from the fellas, Steve and Bryan, behind NOVO watches. NOVO watches are the hottest watches on the market and are also one of the companies involved in our latest collab project! 

NOVO designed and created the first Canada-made leather strap that features the Local Laundry logo and soft, black leather. The premium strap, paired with a classic matte silver case is taken to the next level by having custom engraving on the back for our limited edition watch. Also, NOVO is giving a percentage of the proceeds from each sale of the Local Laundry watch to the Ronald McDonald house. Their Houses provide a home away from home for families with children receiving vital medical treatment in Calgary and Red Deer and we couldn’t be more proud to help them through this product.  

Take a look at our custom-made collab watch below and find more details and to order it here! NOVO's guest blog lets you take further look into the company, the benefit of being a local company and why consumers should support local all around! 

Please read, buy our collab watch and support NOVO! 

 Local support is everything. On the NOVO watch launch day, we had 3 friends waiting outside my house knowing we’d be launching the website right away. Once they received our launch email they immediately knocked on my door to become the first NOVO customers! That support is unbelievable and similar support continues to pour in today. That one experience taught me that ideas are started and nurtured with local support. When looking for a great team to collaborate, Local Laundry made so much sense - they’re all about supporting local as well.


The idea of local support expands broader than just your hometown. Sometimes it spans across Canada, which is why we’re excited that our next step in collaborations is with people who feel the same way as us. This NOVO X Local Laundry collaboration marks the first ever release of our “home-grown straps” made right here in Lethbridge Alberta! As part of our grand vision, this was such an important part of our evolution as a company, and teaming up with Local Laundry was the perfect choice to help both of us continue our expansion of awareness throughout Canada. 


Here’s the top 3 reasons we believe local support resonates with people:

1. You gain fans quicker - Everyone loves a home-grown story. You can relate to the inspiration and story in some way. Immediately you have fans or ambassadors who talk about what your company is doing and create some good word of mouth because you’re doing something.

2. People love talking about people - “Oh did you hear about what [insert cool friend name] is doing!?” - It’s a common conversation starter with friends and family when we get together. The story surrounding the things local people from the community are doing is always inspiring.

3. The sphere theory - When your product or service is mentioned by someone, your idea enters a new sphere of influence. If you start local, new spheres are reached much quicker giving us a better chance of continued grow and visibility. If you start in an area where you don’t have supporters, it’s much harder to reach those new rings.


To see our collaboration go check them out here! Learn more about NOVO watch: this short video to learn how NOVO works. Follow us here: Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram



Back to Kathleen here! If you are someone you know would like to be a guest blogger on our blog drop us a line! Chat at chaaa next week Calgary - stay local! 

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