Guest Blog: Kate Stevens

What's up YYC! We have a very special guest blog treat for your reading pleasure this snowy Sunday. Kate Stevens, an up and coming musician in our city is giving us the inside scoop on her musical career, why she loves Calgary and a few of her fave spots to hit up! Keep scrollin', read and enjoy. 

Let's dive into it!  



I am very lucky to call Calgary my home. Born and raised in this city, I have always loved it. I am a musician, entrepreneur, and am still growing as a young adult. Calgary has a vibrant music community. With endless genres, you’re very likely to find a handful of styles that mesh together to create something different and exciting. It’s never a challenge to find like-minded individuals in such an eclectic scene; however being a younger musician has its challenges.

I’m passionate about providing my fellow young musicians a safe space where we can meet each other and collaborate. I wanted to create a space where we can learn about the music industry, explore new ideas, and play music together. Communities are vital in allowing individuals to feel accepted and involved, and I feel that is important for the growth and development of young people.

I am the artistic director of the Youth Musicians of Music Mile Alliance or YO MOMMA. YO MOMMA is an organization for young musicians and is supported by the Music Mile YYC Society. YO MOMMA is run by young artists, for young artists. My vision for YO MOMMA was to create a community of young artists in Calgary. It is about connection, mentorship, and education, and it increases the number of opportunities for performances. Watching young artists grow and being able to bond with them creates a sense of community that I was unable to find when I began my career. I hope that YOMOMMA and similar societies in Calgary will provide positive environments for kids that will allow them to develop as artists, boost their creativity, and improve their self-esteem.

My 18th birthday is coming up, and I will finally able to perform in venues such as bars, pubs, and clubs. However, up until this point, I have been fortunate enough to play at many venues that allow underage artists. A few of my favorites include:

Gravity Espresso and Wine Bar: With a relaxed atmosphere with great staff and delicious food, it is one of my favorite places to play.

Café Koi: A small Asian fusion restaurant with inclusive open mic nights, as well as a wide array of different spoken word, music, and art shows every night.

Blues Can: Despite the tough looking exterior, inside you’ll find a space rich with history that hosts blues legends and energetic emerging artists.

Numerous festivals and cultural events are making Calgary feel more connected than ever. The support that artists in Calgary show to one another is evident through their support of each other’s shows, fundraisers, and collaborations. I’m incredibly lucky to be a part of the music community, and I’m proud to be able to help more young people join the ever-growing group of artists from all over this great city.



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