Guest blog: Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids

Over the past month, we have been working with Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids. In June and July, we will be donating $1 from each net new newsletter subscriber to Brown Bagging For Calgary Kids (BB4CK), who is a charitable organization that helps feed 1000s of kids in the Calgary area healthy food every day so that they can succeed.

This week Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids is sharing their stories of impact and how they strive to make a difference each and every day within their community, neighbourhood and city. 

Below are some thank you notes and stories of impact from our community. If you want to read more Brown Bagging for Calgary Kid's blog is full of more stories from the volunteers and schools they work with.


Lunch is Love… Story from a S.E. Calgary Elementary School:

“Our school’s BB4CK program supports a 10-year-old boy named Aiden*, who I have had the pleasure of working with for the last 4 years. Being a School Administrator I have a little more of an inside scoop to the families who really need and benefit from the lunches we get from Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids. Aiden struggles a little, especially because I know there are struggles with food at home, and every day he comes for a morning snack, afternoon snack, and gets lunches from the school. It is amazing to see how much more he can focus when he is not hungry and how much his behaviour and attitude changes once he enjoys a snack and/or a sandwich from the lunchroom. Aiden’s favourite sandwich is turkey, but he will switch it up to ham or pea butter and jam here and there. Aiden also really enjoys the different fruits and vegetables he gets to snack on as well, and the odd treat! Aiden said his favourite thing about Brown Bagging is that the lunches help him stay full which helps him focus, but at the same time they are healthy and make him feel good overall. We are so grateful to have Brown Bagging lunches at the school because Aiden is not the only one that feels this way. Our students benefit greatly from these lunches and I can tell the families are also thankful their children are fed and have a healthy lunch when they may not be able to.” *Pseudonym


A lovely note from a wonderful administrator at a S.W. Elementary School:

 “Our students know if they don’t have a lunch, forget a lunch, don’t have enough to eat, etc… they can approach our lunchroom supervisors and get something to eat. This takes pressure off a student who might be embarrassed to ask because the students know its okay to access the sandwiches – that is what they are there for! Brown Bagging provides food for some students who might otherwise have nothing to eat, the students are grateful. They are able to go back to class in the afternoon and concentrate better. Thanks SO much!  Thanks also to your volunteers who deliver our bins every Monday and Wednesday. They are always so cheerful and friendly.” 


Lunch is Love… Story from a S.E. Calgary Elementary School:

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the kindness and generosity all of you provide to our families. From the wonderful lunches and snacks to the kind delivery staff, everyone is fantastic! We depend on your help and you always go above and beyond. Thank you! Brown Bagging helps some of our school’s families on a daily basis as well as our families who may just need the help every now and then. We are also able to provide the hungry students with a healthy snack for recess in the morning thanks to Brown Bagging. A grade 5 student who loves to get a cheese and turkey sandwich shared with us that, “we cannot afford to have sandwiches like this at home.” Another grade 5 student let us know that without lunch from the office he would go home for lunch and not eat. This same student is very happy to have a wonderful sandwich and healthy snacks each and every day.”