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Hey Hey LL Fam! We hope you're having a swell Monday because boy do we have something good in store for you! Tonight on the blog we have fitness guru Lucy Dunne, owner, and founder of her online fitness and personal training company, Dunnebells! Dunnebells focuses on transforming women's bodies, minds, and lives...because who doesn't need a little transformation help in their lives! Lucy is sharing with us her tails of strife and struggle as she herself went through her own weight loss journey, as well as how she made it all the way to Calgary from the country down under (said in bad Austrailian accent). Keep scrollin', keep readin' and, as always, enjoy! 


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G'day LL Crew! Bursting with excitement to share not only my story but my not so generic approach to all things fitness as this week's guest blogger! 

My name is Lucy Dunne and I am that token "Australian friend" that everybody has. I am also the founder of Dunnebells An online personal training company that focuses on transforming women's bodies, minds and lives!  

Fresh out of High School with the desire to go and see the world I set off to New York City by myself to see "The Big Apple". I am about to get really honest with you at the risk of humiliating myself (which I am used to by now, but still). In Australia, we have "The Big Banana", "The Big Pineapple", and multiple other "BIG" tourist attractions. So, off I went searching the streets of New York looking for what I pictured to be a large, round, juicy, red apple. Long story short, I felt as though my whole life had been a lie when I was informed that "The Big Apple" was not something I could physically go inside, awkwardly hug or stand really far away from and squeeze in my fingers creating the illusion that I was freshly squeezing "The Big Apple". 

Fast forwarding along, you would pass some dirty long Greyhound bus road trips, summers spent as a counselor at a Jewish summer camp in Pennsylvania, and ski seasons in Whistler (aka the land of Aussies). Now here I am in Calgary which has been drying out every inch of my skin since 2011.

So where does fitness slide into the mix and how do I help women all over the world transform their bodies, minds, and lives? Well, I’m NOT going to give you the sugar coated version. Portion and pant sizes in North America are huge and confusing for an Aussie. The combination of those two factors resulted in this girl packing on the pounds in a short amount of time. When I arrived in Calgary, everything is wrapped in bacon and smothered in Maple Syrup didn't help with my self-restraint and while I have NOW learned how to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle it was not always that way.

My journey was filled with highs and lows as most women can relate to when they are have tried any sort of fad diet. Everything from Jenny Craig to Weight Watchers to SlimFast; you name it, I tried it. After years of never feeling comfortable in my own skin and picking myself apart in the mirror, it was time to make some BIG transformational changes. I worked with a coach to get my nutrition and workouts in check. The results were incredible! Turns out, I had been doing so many small things to stunt my progress that I thought was helping and my eyes were opened to a whole new world.

I was introduced and exposed to so many incredible people in Calgary and to this day I am still not entirely certain that some of them are aware of the incredible impact they have had on my life. It was because of the community in Calgary that I decided to turn my passion into a career and it is ONLY because of the continued support from this vibrant community that I am able to continue educating, mentoring and supporting women about the lifestyle/principles I stand for. The women I meet and train are fierce and powerful. There is no room for pink dumbbells, lip gloss or excess cardio in my programs because this community is exploding with women breaking away from those unnecessary stereotypes. 

When I started my company, I wanted to continuously ensure I was staying true to my roots. I made it a priority to always thank and acknowledge the people who gave me hope, inspiration, and words of wisdom. I truly believe that we are far more powerful together and although my business has so many exciting things planned for the future, I will always remain true to my roots by taking pride in giving back. It is both an honour and a privilege to support brands such as Local Laundry who make it a focal point to strengthen our community, which is exactly the motivation we all need to stay strong and be the fire

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