September 05, 2016 3 min read

Last week we focused some of our efforts on putting out a community report to feature, thank and celebrate the many people, businesses and charities we have been fortunate to work with over the last several months. It’s a wonderful feeling meeting people or coming into contact with people who want to be apart of our dream. As an homage to the amazing people we have collaborated with, it was incredible to find companies and charities who wanted to be apart of Local Laundry and believed in us and our vision for the company.

photo by: Brooke Cupelli

For myself, as the blogger, I wanted a project I could devote my time and efforts to outside of my regular 9-5 job. Local Laundry acts as a creative outlet. Whether that’s for bloggers, models, photographers or business owners, Local Laundry is a company that celebrates community but also acts like it’s own community. I believe as people we want to be immersed within something bigger than ourselves or outside of ourselves, if you will. Think about sports teams for example. We cheer for the Flames or the Stampeders or whoever tickles our fancy. How often have you said ‘we’ when referring to the team – you know who you are. It’s because we want to be involved, we want to be apart of the dream. Counting stats and following players for your fantasy league becomes a hobby and a pursuit of being one with the team. Even local gyms or studios, for instance, we all want to be apart of the community, apart of the fun, even apart of the gossip. For Local Laundry we want to build and celebrate communities and the citizens that occupy them, which we’ve said a million times. In retrospect after the release of the community report we were surprised that so many people wanted to be apart of our community. We’ve been so focused on building the Local Laundry brand to be viewed as community oriented that we inadvertently didn’t realize we were building our own community in the process.

photo by: Brooke Cupelli

That being said, we want people to feel like they are apart of the Local Laundry community. We want to make each person who purchases a Local Laundry hoodie, t-shirt or ball cap to feel like they’re now apart of our community. Yes we want support from Calgarians, Canadians and whoever else who thinks we represent them and their values enough to want to buy our gear, but we want that support to be funnelled into a larger community. A community where everyone and their dog is welcomed. A community where the people walk along side us as we harness their support into creating something larger than just selling shirts and hats. A community that welcomes the new, welcomes the different and welcomes the regular. Local Laundry is not an exclusive club, but a club that isn't just about the brand but about the people who wear the brand. 

photo by: Brooke Cupelli

We want to continue to extend our reach into the Calgary scene and showcase local entrepreneurs, photographers, charities, bloggers and people who pay tribute to YYC. As Local Laundry continues to tap into the wealth of resources of all the people we’ve met we continue to extend into the communities. Without people and companies like all of you who have been apart of the Local Laundry family, we wouldn’t be able to keep growing and continue to utilize these resources. For that reason alone we would like to thank you.

photo by: Brooke Cupelli

It truly is a beautiful thing witnessing that people want to be apart of your dream. That people are willing to put time, efforts and finances into something they believe in. I think that’s one thing that will remain a pillar of any community related efforts, belief. It’s an amazing feeling when someone, whether your Mom or Dad or some random person on Instagram believes in you. So as a follow up from our community impact report thank you for your support and thank you for your belief.

Enjoy the rest of the labour day and we'll catch up with you next Monday YYC, later days! 

photo by: Brooke Cupelli

If you or your company wants to collaborate don't hesitate to give us a shout!  

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