Can self-love affect an entire community?

With all the chaos and madness happening in the world today, our friends at FITWAVE are posing the question, "Can self-love affect an entire community?" In our opinion, we think self-love it's SO important and we highly recommend embracing FITWAVE's mentality that we are stronger as a community. However, if we want to be a valuable, contributing member of that community, we must take care of ourselves first! : Keep scrolling for FITWAVE's guest blog and remember, wash your hands, social distance and SUPPORT LOCAL! 

First off, we just have to say, kudos to you, Local Laundry. There is so much we admire about you, but what we love most is how community-centred you are. Creating impact in our YYC city and bringing like-minded people together. What is better than that?

So, we asked ourselves, how exactly do you build community?

At FITWAVE, we firmly believe it begins with YOU.

We believe that true magic is found when a community comes together and over time, inspires and motivates one another. This is when a very valuable tribe is born, and the very special bond of community starts.

Having first-hand experience with eating disorders, has inspired us to create a product that vibrates with the community who is hiddenly hurting because their relationship with food is an unhealthy one. We would love to inspire the community and have everyone understand that the most important aspect of dealing with an eating disorder is self-love. Our remarkaBALL product, Fitwave’s Protein Energy Balls, was created with that mission in mind. A product that is healthy to have on any occasion and that makes you feel amazing about nurturing your body.

In January, we were invited to participate in this photoshoot organized by Partake Brewing and Local Laundry. What we enjoyed the most was the feeling of all of us, local Calgary companies working hard for a common goal and the impact we can all have in the community when we work together. Collaborating with each other, encouraging each other, lifting one to another! Isn’t that true love?

YOU may not even realize the effect you have on the community you are a part of. How your everyday actions change your mood, thoughts and vibes. After all, vibes speak louder than words.

FITWAVE is committed to help, inspire, and motivate others in their personal health and wellness journey. We believe in creating a positive space for fitness and nutrition focused on balance, empowerment, and self-love. Through these actions, communities are born, strong bonds are made, and new friends discovered.

How you love yourself affects everyone around you. So, remember to ask yourself, how can I love myself today to inspire or motivate the ones around me?

We are here to help you be the best version of you.

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