FALLing in love with Kensington

Hey, Local Laundry fam! Up next on the blog today is a local blogger and Kensington lover, Alyssa Ficaccio. Alyssa is sharing with us how to Fall in love within Kensington while we transition from Summer to Fall, tanks tops for turtlenecks and sandals for booties. Keep scrolling, read & enjoy!

Let's dive into it!  

As the weather turns from patios and SPF to pumpkin spice and floppy toques a new season in Kensington offers endless ways to spend your days.  Between travel, work and family I try to reside in the Kensington community where I attempt to learn my family's Italian cooking, find new ways to organize my endless shoe collection, and manage a constantly growing range of hobbies.  Suburbia often thinks of Kensington in association with eclectic character homes and a lack of parking, but I assure you the community is so much more.

The character of Kensington is not lost in the shopping opportunities in the area. With plenty of vintage and consignment options, the little community is sure to please those of us looking for something a little different. After moving to Kensington I should have had my employer forward my paychecks directly to the metro element because the style and quality of constantly changing unique furniture and décor items have not been matched for me. The employees of Metro reflect the original and fashion-forward concepts of the interior design products they offer. The customization options in the store with the inspiration of the employees can be dangerous for the wallet but perfection in your space. Picture this… a rather indecisive woman ponders over a chair for nearly 20 minutes comparing comfort, style, shape, and suitability for space. A gentleman assists the lady carrying the chair one and half blocks to the woman’s apartment so she can see if it is a good fit in the space before she agrees to purchase the chair… yes, this is a true story and probably why they cringe every time I walk in the store.

For a style of the more wearable variety, Purr has becoming a shopping staple in the community and the selection will not disappoint for those looking to get ahead of the fashion game for the Fall season. Purrr is stocked with felt hats (yes they are here to stay), furs, shearling, and all the moody, rich colours we all love to break out when the leaves begin to fall. Not to forget there’s Meraki Supply Co. for all your YYC gear, don’t forget the hint of plaid to rock that signature cow town look.

And if your shopping buddy questions you when you say you NEED another pair of boots, you can always drop them off at the Plaza Theatre to give you a couple hours of shopping in peace while they enjoy the old school movie theatre equip with red velvet seats and rotating throwback film selections.

While shopping can be fun, I might argue that eating always trumps shopping, and Kensington has lots to offer there too. When on the brink of tears after another mishap on the cooking front with my partner, we now have plenty of backups for whisking me away before the first tear falls to enjoy some Italian comfort food that is slightly less charred. The options for Italian food in Kensington have grown over the last year and are sure to leave you with a happy belly; Cotto and Prohibition are my favourites. Your lack of cooking skills will not a problem here as there are plenty of places to try out before unpacking those frying pans your mother got you three years ago you’ve been pretending to use.

Coffee, the giver of life, and the guider of my day is my liquid staple, and embarrassingly enough was something my partner and I scouted out before agreeing to buy a home in Kensington. If you like your coffee with a side of hipster style envy head over to the Roasterie, or if you prefer to enjoy your cup-o- Joe over a board-flipping game of monopoly (don’t pretend you haven’t done it) head over to Hexagon board game cafe, or maybe you like to give the barista a headache with an eye rollingingly long order, well your trusty neighbourhood Starbucks is always just around the corner.  If something a little stronger floats your boat be sure to test out wine bar, Oak Tree Tavern (that just opened possibly the largest patio in the community) or Side Street where the drinks will make you forget all about work tomorrow.

The little community of Kensington is full of history and character mixing the old with the new to always keep you guessing and coming back for more. Wondering the streets of Kensington you can spend your time channeling your inner Carrie Bradshaw for some unique fashion, pretending you’re one of the property brothers decorating your home or letting your willpower take a break to enjoy a snack and drink at any of the numbers of pubs, bars, or restaurants you can find in the small community. The character and originality in Kensington never cease to amaze me and Fall is a great time to come be a part of it.


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