Fall Fashion ft. The Clothing Bar

It’s a little known fact that Local Laundry loves to collaborate. I mean if you stalk us on Instagram for long enough eventually you figure out collaboration is always in the air and we definitely like the smell. In our recent collaboration adventure we caught up with Katie from The Clothing Bar. The Clothing Bar is Marda Loops most fashionable consignment shop. From showcasing amazing clothes, promoting local talent, The Clothing Bar sells unique products and creates a space rich in community and consignment love. As a Marda Loop resident myself I was thrilled when I first heard about The Clothing Bar. After weeks of social media lurkin I finally made my way into The Clothing Bar, and low and behold the friendly and charming Katie Evans was there to greet me. I immediately introduced myself and requested a collaboration between The Clothing Bar and Local Laundry; Katie was thrilled, thus I was equally as thrilled.



Photos by: Brooke Cupelli 

On The Clothing Bar’s blog Katie features how to accessorize outfits, how to dress for back to school, even how to dress for Taco Tuesday – I mean I know we’ve all been wondering how to dress for that, ain’t nobody got time for stains! The Clothing Bar’s blog is chalk full of fresh looks, fashion forward ideas and acts as a how-to for outfit styling lovers. With fall leaves just about to crunch under our converse we thought it was only appropriate we find out how to best style our Local Laundry crew neck. When you’re about to rock that laundry remember these simple and easy ways to make your sweater look better than ever...and I’m sure you’ll look okay too.

Photo by: Brooke Cupelli 

Keepin’ it real – real simple

Some days all you need is a cool pair of shades, classic flats, maybe some pants but never required, and your crew and that’s it for you boo. Keeping it simple sometimes is the way to go especially if you’re late rolling into class, catching up on errands or grabbing tacos with bae.


Photos by: Brooke Cupelli 

Get’cha toque on get’cha toque, get’cha get’cha…ok you get it

Don’t you just have those days when you want to look super chill and cool, but like it took you 45 minutes to achieve that chill kind of look – can anyone say oxymoron?! Ok here’s how you get your super chill and cool outfit, 1: slouchy toque, 2: crew neck sweater, 3: chunky necklace, 4: ripped jeans, 5: hot diggity you lookin’ chiiillllllll yo! 


Photos by: Brooke Cupelli 

We like tight tights!

Some day’s pants really should be optional and that’s when your Lululemon high waisters come in, and I’m tellin’ ya she comin’ in strong. Lazy days are always going to be a thing. We'll never stop running into the days where showers and pants are definitely exempt for the daily routine. So here's how you wear your crew neck when you still don't want to look like a total dirt ball. Get your hat, throw it on backwards, get your sweater, throw it on forwards and get your tights pull them on upwards, done & done!


Photos by: Brooke Cupelli 

If you wear our clothes you probably know they're made to be comfortable and made to represent your city and your communities, but how you wear them is up to you! Post a picture of how you wear your Local Laundry goodies and we'll be sure to repost it on our social media!


Photo by: Brooke Cupelli 

Huge shout and big thank YOU to The Clothing Bar for the blog collaboration and to Brooke Cupelli for capturing these awesome moments and photos, I probably had more fun than was required! Later days YYC - catch you next Monday.

If you or your company wants to collaborate don't hesitate to give us a shout!  


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