Discover your inner Ninja! Guest blog by Rachael McIntosh.

My name is Rachael McIntosh, I am a Local Laundry enthusiast, retired track and field athlete and ninja warrior. I would like to introduce you to Calgary's premiere indoor adventure park; InjaNation. InjaNation was established October 2016, with an impressive 55,000 square feet of Ninja Warrior obstacle courses, climbing obstacles and Trampoline Park! It is a local, family-owned business that holds some of Calgary's loudest laughs and biggest smiles seven days a week. 





The camaraderie of the competitors on the tv show American Ninja Warrior sparked a business plan with community at its core. While competing head to head, every competitor could still be found on the sidelines cheering for one another. There was no doubt, owners Mike West, Tim Ritchie and John wanted to bring that environment to Calgary. 




Where do I come in? 

As InjaNation's Marketing Coordinator, I have the incredible role of connecting with our community members through providing donations and support to countless sports teams, school dances, silent auctions, charitable events and more! I get to lead corporate team builders, scouts groups, and even visit school's to train with their extracurricular teams or give speeches in their gymnasiums! InjaNation has become a hub for me to witness and connect with people from all walks of life and all backgrounds. It has truly opened my eyes to every corner of the city.

From my office I can hear Happy Birthday being sung, cheers of support being screamed, and witness challenge after challenge being overcome! My emails are flooded with connections through KidSport, Closer to Home, Vecova, Big Brothers Big Sisters and countless other non-for profits. InjaNation to me has become a place to celebrate Calgarians, to give back to Calgarians, and most importantly, to watch hundreds of Calgarians bring out their inner ninja every single day.

If you have any questions about corporate groups, silent auctions, hockey tournaments, summer camps, or any other inquiry, I am your gal! 

Feel free to email me. My goal is to connect every single Calgarian with the Power of PLAY!