Our mission is to build community through everything we do. This year, because of our amazing community, including our customers, partners, collaborators, retailers and beyond, we have been able to donate the most amount of garments to homeless organizations in Local Laundry history!

We are thrilled to know that our community is a big fan of our Giving Garments collection as we are. Our Giving Garments collection is comprised of our Giving Toques, Giving Socks & the new addition of Giving Blankets. For every purchase of a Giving Garment, we donate one to a Canadian homeless organization. November through December has been our self-dubbed Giving Season.

To date, we have been able to donate 500 adult toques, 150 children toques, 50 pairs of children’s mittens, 250 pairs of socks and 300 blankets. This week we are distributing Giving Garments to the Drop-In Centre, Mustard Seed, Brenda’s House and the Children’s Cottage Society.

To everyone who has purchased a Giving Garment from our 2020 collection, as well as the organizations who bought our Giving Garments in bulk which include Critical Mass, Norton Rose FullBright, Dentons, Skyfire Energy, CBRE, the University of Calgary’s Taylor Institute, Moxies, Navigator LTD. Kids Cancer Care and Calgary Economic Development, we are beyond grateful and the words THANK YOU are just not enough.

Thank you to all of our community members and builders for being a part of the LL fam and empowering us to get closer to our goal of raising over a million dollars for Canadian charities. We use our Canadian-made garments as vehicles to empower and build community. In 2017 we made the switch to manufacture on Canadian soil.

When you purchase a product that is made in Canada, your purchase supports the Canadian supply chain enabling a diversified economy. From the cutting, dying, milling to the production, fulfilment and shipping, your purchase of a Canadian made garment is touched by 10 different Canadian businesses.