Dave Kelly Live - Father's Day Edition!

 We’re less than a week away from our Season Finale and special Father’s Day Dave Kelly Live show on June 12.

What can we even say about DKL? It’s an appealing blend of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and The Ellen DeGeneres Show – a unique live show experience with performances, interviews, games, stories, giveaways and anything else that makes Dave laugh! The show is co-hosted by Jim Button (showcasing his bromance with Dave) and Mandy Stobo a world-renowned artist famous for her Bad Portraits.

The show is produced by Kelly Brothers Productions at the Bella Concert Hall located on the Mount Royal University campus in Calgary. It’s Funny, smart AND unpredictable (the perfect trifecta for entertainment, no?)  It’s packed with Dave’s personally curated performances, conversations, stories and music. The trio and their on-stage band, The Flat Whites, keep the audience entertained with laughter and sweet sentiments throughout the entire show. You will laugh, and probably cry.

The Father’s Day Special is our season-wrap up and it’s celebrating all things Dad. This show will feature performances by T. Buckley, his sister Mariel Buckley with a cameo from their father. And with all Father’s Day Specials, Bob Kelly, Dave’s Dad will join The Flat Whites, and in true Kelly fashion, tell a great story.

There will be antics by Dave and Jim and live art by Mandy and stories about dads everywhere. We’ve even asked our tried-and-true audience to send in photos of the dads in their lives, and a one-liner describing their papa’s special skills which is surely to be a catalyst for some belly laughs and some warm sentiments. Alright, that’s enough spoilers for you…

 Dave said on his blog that those special skills can be pretty much anything: party skills, life skills, work skills, parenting skills, nunchuck skills.

We’re also trying something new this year to celebrate the dads in our lives even more. Before the show, we’re setting up shop in the Bella lobby with all things for dad. Spolumbo’s will be barbecuing up some sausages, and a great group of local show sponsors will be setting up activations both you and the papa in your life will enjoy (read: Adesso, Local Laundry, and even RedBloom coming in with a hot towel treatment).  This show truly is about YOU – OK and maybe also a little about Dave too. OK. We lied. It’s a lot about Dave, too. 

We hope to see you out on June 12. If you haven’t got your tickets just yet, you can snag one of the few that are left here. We’d hate to see you (and your dad) miss this one.