Making Food Taste Good and Look Delicious!

On the guest blog this week, we hear from ambitious best friends Stacey and Meg, who started Cut Cooking, a local business inspiring the world of food through photography, food styling and publication. These two #bossbabes are currently in the midst of creating their first gluten-free cookbook, with simple, adaptable, local and readily available ingredients. Keep reading to learn more but we caution you, this blog may leave you hungry. *DROOL* 

Cut Cooking is the story of something so much bigger than incredible recipes and photographs of delicious food.

Stacey Hilscher and her family battle celiac disease; an autoimmune disease that literally attacks the small intestine when foods with gluten are ingested. She strives daily to replicate gluten-FULL recipes and make them gluten-FREE. She is an active board member for the Canadian Celiac Association, Calgary chapter, and is passionate about creating accessible and incredible gluten-free food. In her journey of doing so, she and her best friend, photographer Meg Kibyuk, created the idea for Cut Cooking.

Photos by Sean Kibyuk

Meg found her photography niche in the commercial and editorial world, specifically in the food industry. She takes incredible pride in working with local Calgary companies to tell their story and provide them with beautiful images of their products. These two ambitious women have combined their passions and talents to create a company dedicated to encouraging and empowering families that are adapting to a gluten-free lifestyle.

Our Story

Our company encompasses two YYC local families and the bond of friendship. We’ve got busy schedules, active lifestyles and the desire to fuel our families with healthy and delicious meal options that are gluten-free.

One of our first projects is publishing a gluten-free cookbook filled with incredible pictures and recipes using accessible ingredients. With one of our families entirely gluten-FULL and the other gluten-FREE, we have become the greatest of partners.  Together we experiment with food and enlist our extensive taste testing crew to make sure we’re getting it right!!

Our goal at CUT is to provide a recipe resource for those affected by celiac disease and gluten sensitivities; one which is straightforward and accessible. From experience, we know that many gluten-free recipes and cookbooks can be incredibly overwhelming and intimidating.  Our ingredients are usually in your pantry or fridge already or can most often be found at your local grocery. Our instructions are concise and easy to follow.  CUT's cookbook encompasses options for all mealtimes, snacks, and treats.

We understand that not everyone loves being in the kitchen as much as we do. And some might not even have experience in their own kitchen preparing food. However, we’re certain that the goal of fueling our families with healthy, amazing and even gluten-free food is ultimately the same. We also understand that life happens and the occasional treat is needed! 

Our dream at CUT Cooking is that our love affair for amazing gluten-free food will be passed along to our followers. The recipes are tailored to gluten-free diets but they are not limited only to those who are gluten-free. The photography so crisp and amazing you'll want to eat from the pages. Yes, people eat with their eyes. But we also strongly advocate eating with your mouth, because the food from CUT is that dang good!

We are so grateful to collaborate with companies like Local Laundry. Their community spirit allows our voices to be heard. It allows us to be advocates for those who need to be encouraged and empowered. We love the local community and using the resources that we already have. The link below will take you to our recipe for Bacon Scallops - a true Canadian treat!  We hope you enjoy and continue to follow us!

Click here for Bacon Scallops recipe