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This week on the blog we are super excited to bring to you another guest blog from the lovely ladies of Cupcakes & Curls! Have a read about what Michelle and Amanda have to say about growing up and living in Calgary's northwest, enjoy! 

 What living in the northwest means to us.

Michelle and I have both lived in Northwest Calgary all of our lives, and now that we're older we have realized how awesome this little community is. Since we spent seven years of our lives going to elementary school in our community we have gotten to know many people. All of our friends lived within a three block radius of our houses so getting together for bike rides and slurpee's was made easy for us and our parents. The cool hangout spot was always the Husky gas station, it was a place we could walk to and spend all of our allowance money. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see a group of ten or more kids that all knew each other crowded around the slurpee machine on a hot summer day.

Some kids went to different schools after elementary school but only a few families moved out of Scenic Acres. Now after being four years out of high school our community is still as tight knit as ever. Even though everyone has grown up and is doing something different with their lives, the friendliness and sense of community lives on. I have run into dozen of friends and their parents on a weekly basis at the gas station, Safeway or Walmart and each and every one of them take the time to ask how you are and what you've been up to. In some cases you haven't seen them in years or can't put a name to the face, but overall the feeling of having someone ask how you've been or what your plans for the future are is a good feeling and a nice gesture. My parents will come home and tell us a story about how they ran into an old friend and update us on what they've been up to. 

As the kids grow older in our community so have the parents and with age comes some ups and downs in everyone's health. Over the past year a few friends family members have been diagnosed with pretty scary diseases and without reaching out, our community would come together by sending flowers, baked goods, hot meals and visiting with them. Even though they might have not seen some of those people for a while, the word gets around and everyone wants to do their part in the healing process for those people. 

We are proud to have grown up and live in such an amazing community of people. Soon the kids will start moving out into different community's and start their own families, but I know that the little tight knit community of the NW and Scenic Acres will live on in them. When I see those past friends and their parents there will be a smile on my face because we share a childhood and so many great memories together.


Xox Cupcakes & Curls



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