Bow River Rustic; Your Not So Little Wood Shop

Heyhey LL fam, thanks for checkin' out the blog! Tonight we have the fellas from Bow River Rustic chatting to us about who they are, how they got the started into wood working and probably a few things you didn't know about them and what they do! Bow River Rustic is nestled in the heart of Bowness and creates beautiful furniture and home decor pieces, that might as well be works of art! 

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Photos by Parth Kavthekar

Hey Local Launderers,

We are Eddie and Phil, the men of Bow River Rustic, a company that specializes in making custom furniture and home décor. We are incredibly excited to take part in Local Laundry’s guest blog.  

How Bow River Rustic Came to Life

If you asked me five years ago what I would be doing today I wouldn’t have said building custom furniture for Calgarians. I am by no means a woodworker by trade, nor do I claim to be. I’m actually a social psychologist who teaches courses in psychology at the U of C. Bow River Rustic started out as a solution to a problem. My wife and I struggled to find furniture that met our style (and our wallets), so we decided to design and build our own furniture from scratch. The response that we received from our friends and family was so encouraging that I decided to pursue my newfound passion of woodworking.  


That’s when Bow River Rustic was born. Phil and I teamed up in 2016. It was an easy partnership as we were connected by our love for four things – grounds, grains, whisky and friendship (which are found in some combination in the shop every day). We have had our ups and downs, but then we remember the goal that we set for ourselves – to have fun and pursue our passion of connecting Calgarians through our work. As long as we’re doing that, we’re happy.  


Our Work

We find our inspiration through the imagination of our customers. Building custom furniture allows us to provide our customers with the opportunity to send us a picture of the vision that they want us to bring to life. While we do have some staple items that we build quite often, we let our customers have as much flexibility in the design as possible. Phil and I take great pride in being entrusted to build pieces for people’s homes. We absolutely love what we do and we hope it shows in our work.

Community and Support

From the beginning, Bow River Rustic has been built by community. When Phil and I created our name, we wanted to ensure that it embodied the incredible connection that people have with one another throughout the city. To us, the Bow River is one element of the city that we believe truly embodies the essence of community.

When we started making custom furniture we honestly had no idea what to expect. However, we have been blown away by the support and encouragement that we have received throughout the city, especially in the community of makers. Being involved in a close-knit community of like-minded individuals and businesses who continually look out for one another and encourage each other has been an incredible experience and has inspired us to keep growing and pushing ourselves to try new things. We are so grateful for the support that we have received along the way.


We are humbled by the support that we have received and are excited to keep growing our little wood shop.




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