‘Being an Artist is F**king Killing Me’ by GalPal Productions

GALPAL Productions is a creative duo who uses dance and film to connect with the community around them. Corynne and Raine met in Calgary while dancing together in a company. Upon reuniting in Toronto they began to create together, and GALPAL Productions was born. Focusing on dance through short films and live performances, the creative duo has produced three short films to date and the weekly podcast, 'Being an Artist is F**king Killing Me'. The duo’s small-town roots have led to their focus on community and collaboration – they are always looking to work with others so that they can expand their knowledge and challenge what it means to be an artist.

After graduating from the University of Calgary’s Dance program, Corynne decided to expand what being a dancer meant to her. She had the desire to share not only her own work but the work of others. It is important to her to support other artists and to support women through her work. Community, collaboration, and representation are important topics found in the content that Corynne produces.

Raine is an avid dancer, choreographer, and teacher residing in Toronto. After receiving her BA In dance at the University of Calgary she went on and studied dance in places such as The Place in London, ImPulstanz in Vienna, and Tanz Festival in Berlin, among others and she is currently receiving her Masters at York University. It is important for her to collaborate with as many artists as she can, to continuously learn and grow as a professional. Raine is specifically enamored with addressing the issues today’s society is facing and believes art can and will change the world.

Corynne and Raine wanted to figure out a way to reach as many people as possible, to connect people and to use a medium that was accessible. The Podcast, Being an Artist is F**king Killing Me, was born out of the ideas that sometimes art is hard. The career path we’ve chosen as artists is extremely rewarding and we’re lucky every day we get to do something we’re so passionate about, but it also comes with challenges that many people do not understand. We wanted other artists to know that someone was there, it’s okay to talk about failure and we wanted not necessarily successful artists to be the only ones allowed to tell their story. The synopsis is as follows; ‘Real conversations. Real Artists”. The GALPALS wanted to fill a gap in the Toronto arts community. So far they have interviewed actors, dancers, singers, musicians, clothing designers, business starters, photographers, and list goes on. The idea of sharing has been unbelievably inspiring. The Pals want to continue to be the ones to lift other artists up, to give others a platform to speak and help continue to make our community whole.

Now the Pals are focusing on giving back to the communities that made them. They started small with donating a scholarship at a local dance studio. Being from small farm towns they find solstice in quiet country living but would never give up their busy downtown Toronto apartments. Never really knowing where home is and longing for something more inspired their third film, Prairie Girl. In the film they used 22 local dancers between the ages 10-18. They wanted to ignite passion in the new generation and show them that they are capable of so much. All while watching two female producers work at following their own dreams. The pals produced two short films in the past and we’re accepted into international film festivals across the globe. Those films include Blade & Silk (2017) and Let Her Out (2018).

Who we surround ourselves with is who we become, so surround yourself with a community that inspires and motivates you. We are so thankful we get to do what we love every day with our best friend. So go take a listen to our podcast or go find us on social media, because we love hearing from you! Together the pals hope you continue to support and encourage local Canadian artists and always be passionate about what you do.

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