BeerGuys YYC Advent Calendar Picks

Tonight we have a guest blog treat for your reading entertainment from our pals the YYC Beer Guys! Matt, Mark and Randy have put together their top picks for a beer advent calendar. Read and enjoy! 


We all remember growing up with chocolate advent calendars, filled with 24 days of delicious sweet treats to lead up to Santa’s much anticipated arrival.

Now that we are all grown up and “adulting,” the rush to the 25th is a mix of excitement and stress as we add gifts to the visa bill while managing a jam packed calendar of festive events. So in the mix of it all, it’s a good thing some genius came up with the idea of a creating a countdown to the big day for adults who need it most. Meant to give us that same childhood enjoyment, and while also giving us a few minutes every day to sit back and enjoy a cold one.


The concept isn’t new, its been around for a few years with multiple breweries and companies coming up with their own version of the count down. Here are just a few of our favourites, in no particular order, that you can find in YYC.

1. Craft Beer Imports Advent Calendar available at Liquor Depot, Co-op Wine Spirits Beer, Craft Cellars and Willow Park Wines and Spirits.

Like most advent calendars, this one features 24 cardboard windows. Behind each one is a hand-picked craft beer and boasts a collection of strong ales, imperial stouts porters, bitters, blond ales and more. Find more information click here! 

2. Central City Brewers + Distillers and Parallel 49 Advent Calendar, available at Liquor Depot and Co-op Wine Spirits Beer

Two of our favourite breweries, Central City Brewers + Distillers, and Parallel 49 launched their advent calendar featuring 24 favourites as well some exclusive beers you won’t find anywhere else. Each brewery has packed in 12 beers selected especially for the calendar including five limited release craft beers. For more information click here!

3. Brewer’s Advent Calendar – German Beers, available at Liquor Depot and Costco

For international flavours straight out of Germany, try the advent calendar which features 24 unique German brews.  Inside you’ll find a broad range of German style beers including Dunkel’s, Märzens, pale and dark Bock’s, and many other German favourites. For more information click here!

4. A BeerGuys Original

Create your own advent calendar by getting together with three friends and asking that everyone bring 24 local craft beers. Each of you will add 6 cans of beer to your friend’s box, then add 6 from your own collection. Create your own calendar by stacking the cans inside and creating corresponding doors, knowing 18 of the beers will be a surprise when you go to open them. Better than that, you’ll get to enjoy beers hand picked for you by your drinking buddies!



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