Baby bumpin'

Today on the blog we hear from two adorably pregnant, YYC fashion and lifestyle bloggers, Carlee and Aliya. Carlee and Aliya are both first-time Mommas expecting baby girls and they're due only three weeks apart! These lovely #Moms2Be chat Mom life and talk about some of their favourite Canadian baby brands. Keep scrolling to get the 411. 

Hey there! I’m Carlee from Styled to Sparkle.
Hi! I’m Aliya from Style by Aliya.

[Left to right] Carlee and Aliya rocking their baby bumps!

We’re both lifestyle bloggers in Calgary and are super excited to share that we’re both expecting this fall/winter! Each of us is expecting for the first time and we’re both having girls - we can’t wait for them to be little baby besties.

What’s so exciting for us is that we’re lifestyle bloggers. This means that we aren’t your traditional “mom bloggers” in the sense that we’re all about incorporating our new babies into our ‘lifestyle’ of fashion, home décor, travel and more. We hope that you’ll follow us on this exciting new journey!

In this blog, we’re going to be sharing what we love about being moms in Calgary and what we love from some of our favourite Canadian baby brands because we’re all about that local love!

 What’s so great about being a Mama in Calgary?

Carlee: So, Aliya - what do you think is great about being a mom in Calgary?

Aliya: There are so many great resources available to us here and ways for us to connect with each other. For example, the AHS Mommy Groups are really great. I also love Mompreneur LIFE. It’s nice to be able to meet and chat with other moms in business here. What about you?

Carlee: I love those, too! There are also so many great groups that people might not know of yet like Mommy Connections Calgary. Some of their courses with baby in postpartum sound really helpful and I love their approach to motherhood. There’s also that group Postpartum Support YYC that’s great, too. Even just following them on Instagram is a great way to get some daily advice!

Aliya: Sometimes those reminders are really helpful. It’s also reassuring to know that the Alberta Children’s Hospital is right in town. Not that you want to have to visit there, but it’s nice knowing it’s so close.

Carlee: I completely agree – having the Children’s in Calgary is a definite bonus to living here.

Aliya: Another thing that’s really great is just how friendly and helpful people in Calgary tend to be. I’ve found that with being pregnant people are extra kind!

Carlee: I agree completely! Everyone loves a pregnant person!

Our favourite Canadian made baby products.

Aliya: Okay, let’s talk baby gear! Have you found any good local or Canadian baby items? I always try to shop local when I can.

Carlee: Yes! I do, too, and I’ve had to really seek some of these out so I’m always excited when I can tell someone that something is Canadian-made. 

Aliya: I have some favourites, too. What are some of yours?

Carlee: I’ve always been a fan of Rocky Mountain Soap Co.’s baby products, especially their baby bum spray. I used to use it when I was a nanny years ago and it’s so great for soothing little bums without adding extra irritation. Plus, their ingredients are natural which is always a bonus.

Aliya: Natural is always good to find and their shops always smell so nice. You know what local brand I love is Cocobean – have you seen their playmats?

Carlee: Oh my gawd, yes. They are so cute and stylish and something you’d actually want in your living room!

Aliya: I know! With all the baby gear we need, it’s so nice that a company has made items that won’t make your living room look like a preschool.

Carlee: I couldn’t agree more! What else are you loving right now?

Aliya: I’m really loving Loulou Lollipop. Those teething beads are so fun.

Carlee: I love those, too! And their linens and swaddles are so incredibly soft. I’ll have to pick some up before the baby comes. You know who else has super cute teethers is Pebble to Peak and they’re made in Airdrie.

Aliya: That’s cool. I’ve seen some of their items in some boutiques around Calgary.

Carlee: What do you think of the swaddles from Lulujo?

Aliya: I’m a really big fan of those. I love that they have basics and classic patterns but some fun whimsical ones, too. They’re whimsical and cute without being tacky.

Carlee: I totally agree. They have so many patterns that I want!! Are you getting a baby wrap carrier thing? They look kind of complicated to me. 

Aliya: They generally do seem kind of tricky, but I think the ones from Beluga Baby look great. They look really versatile and are made of bamboo so they’re super soft, which I know you love.

Carlee: I do have a bit of a bamboo fabric obsession. They have really nice patterns, too.

Aliya: Yeah, they do. Lots of solids and uncomplicated classic patterns which is nice. That way you can get one and it goes with everything and even the Dads can wear them.

Carlee: Yes! They need to do some carrying!!

Aliya: Any Canadian baby clothing companies out there that you’ve found?

Carlee: I’ve found quite a few good toddler clothing companies, so that will be good for us in a couple of years, but for babies I’m loving Minimoc for shoes and Modern Baby.

Aliya: Ooh – tell me about them.

Carlee: Modern Baby has great layette sets, scratch mittens, hats and all those soft bamboo things that I love. They also have blankets and bibs and that kind of thing. Oh – and they have headbands, which I know you’ll love.

Aliya: I am really loving headbands right now. And the ones from Modern Baby look super cute and soft.

Carlee: They really are! I think you should check out Minimoc, too. They have some of the cutest little baby shoes and they slide on and off easily and are great for when baby starts to walk, too.

 Aliya: They seem to have more than just moccasins! Loving the mary janes and metallic ones, oh and the bows are so cute, too!

Carlee: I know! Makes me so excited to be having a little girl. We can dress them up in all of these adorable girly things!! I can’t wait for the pictures!

Canadian baby brands we love:

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