ATB Boostr Campaign & The Local Collection

UPDATE - Our Campaign is live! Buy a reward and support us on our ATB  Boostr Page

Hey Gang,

I'm Connor, one of the Co-Owners of Local Laundry and wanted to share some pretty exciting stuff with you all. Starting this week we will be doing an ATB Boostr Campaign! 

Well, that's nice, but what the heck is ATB Boostr Con-Dawg? Let me tell ya. 

ATB Boostr is a rewards-based Crowdfunding platform for Alberta entrepreneurs who want to:
  • Raise funds and build awareness for their business or enterprising non-profit
  • Gain exposure and meaningful feedback
  • Grow their presence and crowd of customers
  • Raise funds and build awareness for their business or enterprising non-profit
  • Validate/test a business, product or marketing idea
  • More info can be found on their sweet sweet website -
Neat! so why are you guys doing an ATB Boostr Campaign?
  • We started Local Laundry as a way represent where you come from, showcase and work with those that are making a difference in the community and to donate $1 Million dollars to local charities across Canada.
  • We've come a long way but we want to do more in making our products socially responsible while having a positive social impact on our local economy, the planet and our community. Soooooooo for the Holiday season, we decided to come out with The Giving Toque, a 100% Made In Canada toque and for every single one that we sell we will donate one to a homeless organization across Canada. Our goal is to be able to donate 1000 toques by Christmas.
  • This Giving Toque is the main reason why we've wanted to come out with The Local Collection, a 100% Made In Canada line that aims to make a strong impact on our community. This collection means that we can keep our money in Canada, supporting local economies while reducing our carbon footprint on the environment. For each piece that comes out, they will have a social impact behind it, similar to The Giving Toque.
  • We decided to work with ATB Boostr because just like our mission statement says, everything we do has to be about building community. We thought by sharing our story and goals out we could enable the community to take part in our mission as well. To share with everyone the need for socially responsible clothing and the importance of helping those in need to help make our community better, whether that community be your city, province or country.
We are hoping to raise $10,000 during our campaign, through offering exclusive rewards that will showcase The Local Collection and other Community Builders. Some of the rewards we will offer will include:
  • The $10 Social Media Shoutout - We'll Tweet, Insta Story and FB a big thank you from us!
  • The $15 Giving Toque - You'll be able to buy a toque that will go to homeless person, you'll be purchasing one of our target 1000 toques that we'll be giving away.
  • The $25 "I Love Trees" Shoutout - Partnering with TreeEra to get a shoutout on social media from both of us and a Patch that plants 5 trees in your name!
  • The $35 Giving Toque - You'll be one of the first people to get a Giving Toques at a discount too!
  • The $55 Giving Toque and Cozy Coffee Combo - Partnering with Calgary Heritage Roasting Co. we'll be able to keep you warm this Fall with our new Giving Toque and a bag of CHRC's finest. 
  • The $75 Local Crewneck - You'll be one of the first people to get your mitts on one of our Local Crewnecks, a piece dedicated to highlighting the importance of Made In Canada Clothing. 
  • The $120 Local Crewneck and Playfield Package - Partnering with Playfield Co. you'll be able to get one of Local Crewnecks and a Playfield Co. Whitewood Bracelet.
  • The $150 Brewsters Beers & Buds Bundle - We'll take you and 2 buds out for a few beers and wings at Brewsters down on 11th Ave on Friday November 17th, 2017. 
  • The $500 Marvellous Market Meal - We'll take you out for one tasty meal at one of the best restaurants in town at Market on Saturday November 18th, 2017
  • The $1000 Mega Bundle - Can't decide what to get? Want to get everything? Get shoutouts, plant 5 trees, get a bag of coffee, a sweet bracelet, a Giving Toque, Local Crewneck AND Brewster beers. 
We want to use the money raised to continue this Local Collection and make even more 100% Made In Canada clothing and potentially even Made in Calgary clothing to further advance our social mission and continue our path to raise $1 Million dollars for charities across Canada.
  • Excited???? We go live on Saturday October 7th, so make sure to check out our social media and we'll let you know what the link to our campaign is. So keep an eye out for it and we hope you support us. Make sure to share it out too!!!
Connor Curran