A Day In The Life of T+T

What's up YYC! Hard to believe it's Monday already again hey?! SO, to cure those Monday blues we have a special blog tonight from our friends at Trout + Taylor! Not only do the ladies behind Trout + Taylor take us through a day in their lives in Inglewood, they are also the designers behind our Inglewood t-shirt! Take a look at their FAB community tee here! Have a read through the blog, as the beautiful and talented Trout + Taylor team show off their fave spots in Inglewood and their love for YYC!



Why Inglewood is Literally the Best!

Okay look. It can’t come as a surprise that we love our city. What isn’t there to love about Calgary? In the crazy hustle and bustle of the work week, we have our own special corner of cow-town that we exist in. Here’s a little history for you - Inglewood is Calgary’s oldest neighbourhood. Whaaat? Yes, it’s true. Somehow it maintains this vintage vibe while being chic AF. This is a real selling point for us, and why we call it home to one of our offices. Let us walk you through a day in the life of Trout + Taylor, straight out of one of the best communities in Calgary.

Morning Yoga at Junction 9 or Barre at Barre Body

We’re big fans of sweating it out, and think it is a necessity when in the throngs of running a biz. While that might be true, sometimes starting the day pounding these sneaks on a treadmill is literally the worst thing imaginable. Our solution? One of Inglewood’s dope fitness studios. If we’re in the mood for some downward dog, we’ll hit up Junction 9 (shout out to our pal Ryan Murphy Construction for building an amazing space) for some yoga, or if we’re in the mood for a more intensive sesh, we’ll opt for barre at Barre Body.

Americano at Gravity

After we get our sweat on, it’s time for a little pick-me-up. Calgary is home to some seriously excellent local coffee shops. One of Inglewood’s best is Gravity, an espresso and wine bar. It’s too early for a glass of Pinot, so we opt for an Americano to kick off the day.

Work at The Commons

T + T works out of The Commons, a co-working space located just beside Inglewood. It’s possibly the most gorgeous office space you could possibly work out of. Putting in some serious time in our office or meeting over (more) coffee in the communal space, The Commons speaks to the unconventional style of Inglewood. We are obsessed with our office space.

Lunch with a client at Bite

Yeah, it’s a grocer and an eatery, and it’s an excellent place to meet for lunch. Obviously Inglewood has some of the best places to grab a bite, and one of those places is literally called Bite. We once went a solid 6 months having their chicken salad for lunch literally every day. BOOM.

Meeting at Cafe Rosso

Remember when we said Inglewood coffee is the best? Well it’s time for seconds, but this time at Cafe Rosso. Yeah, it’s not easy to get through a day without at least a couple cups of joe, so post-lunch meetings often take place at this little cafe.

Back to work

Heading back to The Commons, on our second wind thanks to Cafe Rosso, and it’s time to get some serious work done.

Pizza + Wine at Without Papers

It’s time for dinner, and maybe a little more work chat at Without Papers. Whoever created stone oven pizza is seriously a friggen genius, and they’re somehow making it even better here. Plus, you can’t have pizza without wine, so we’re inclined to order a nice house red.

Final final at Nash for Old Fashioneds

You thought dinner was the end of the day? No, because at Trout + Taylor, we meet for a final final - the last, last meeting of the day. Sitting down at Nash for a couple of old fashioneds is the best way to finish any work day. Seriously, if you’ve never had a cocktail here, you need to check it out.

Now you know all of our secrets. Come say hi at The Commons, and perhaps we’ll go for a final final.



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