YYC Collaborations - EvolutionVN

We recently teamed up with these three incredible people to showcase something revolutionary in the personal fitness industry right here in Calgary.

Vu is the inventor of the Evolution and the founder of EvolutionVN.

Personally, I spent many years of my late teens and early adulthood suffering from a debilitatingly low self-confidence. Through fitness, I managed to come out of my shell and find my confidence. This changed my life in ways that words alone cannot explain. Understanding its importance, I’ve made it my life’s mission, to help bring out the confidence hidden inside of you. My vision is of a world where all heads are held high. Why? Because I believe you deserve it. But, unlike me, you won’t have to go through that journey alone.


Stacey is the Social Media Manager and the newest member of the Evolution Team. She’s a full-time Labor and Delivery/Postpartum Registered Nurse and quirky dog mom. When she’s not working or working out, she enjoys spending time with her husband in Waterton. 
Through her own journey, she has learned the importance of fitness in a confident and healthy lifestyle and wants to share the same with others.

And, she’s addicted to all things Rachel Hollis. @stacewarren

Dan is the founder of Focus On Why Media and is based out of Calgary, Alberta. He believes that people should stretch themselves and challenge the status quo in their own lives to always learn and grow in all aspects of life. Focus On Why Media's goal is to help you build your video marketing foundation by first focusing on purpose through powerful cinematic storytelling. As an entrepreneur, he understands the hustle, the determination, the client-first mentality, the growth mindset, the consistency and the grit that is required to build a new business into a larger entrepreneurial venture. @focusonwhymedia