YYC Collaboration - Amanda Nadeau - Elite Obstacle Course Racer

We recently teamed up with Daniel Edwards to help share Amanda Nadeau's story, one of the top up and comers in the sport of Elite Obstacle Course Racing and Cross-Triathlete. Here is her story:

"Hello from somewhere in the wilderness!

As you’re reading this, I am likely out exploring Calgary’s neighbouring mountains or gallivanting through Fish Creek Provincial Park with my rescue pup, Mowgli. My love for the outdoors began at a young age, along with my competitive drive and passion for sport. Fitness has always been a large part of my family, as can be seen by our vacations that are more ‘training camps’ than relaxation time. Ever since I did my first triathlon at age 5, I have always been involved in the world of endurance sports, whether it was cheering my dad on at his races, volunteering, or eventually competing myself. Being able to share such unique experiences with my dad has given us an incredibly special bond. During my time at University, we dabbled in the obstacle course racing world. It was a fun and unique thing to do with my parents and (now) husband.

Once I graduated and started to compete for more on my own, I realized that training and racing is something I am truly passionate about, and my potential is only just beginning to be realized. I decided to turn my focus towards competing as an elite in OCR and Cross-triathlon this year and had a solid year resulting in numerous podium finishes. Making the commitment to pursue my passion full time is both scary and exhilarating. Publicly acknowledging my goals has made me focus that much stronger, and having the chance to inspire others as well is such an incredible opportunity. I enjoy taking on roles where I can teach others and share my passions and have been an instructor for mountain biking, paddleboarding, group and personal fitness. Helping people realize what they are capable of is so rewarding, and being able to give someone that little push to try something new or motivate them in their daily life is just another reason why I continue to share my journey.

People often ask me what my long-term goals are, but I tend to live more day by day and take each day as an opportunity to do something awesome. I want to be better every day, and see what I am capable of in everything I pursue; be that obstacle course racing, triathlon, and whatever else my future holds. In the days ahead for the remainder of the 2018 season is the Moab Trail Marathon USA Championships, then the Spartan Combine, where I aim to show what I am capable of in pursuit of gaining a spot on the Spartan Pro Team.

Being able to train and race with both of my parents is such a unique experience, and has forged a bond between us like no other. Just in the past year, I competed at Xterra World Championships starting next to my Mom, raced countless Spartan Races with my Dad, participated in Crossfit competitions as a family and a mother-daughter duo, and logged numerous hours together in our garage gym. As I write this, we are in Moab, Utah, exploring the incredible red rock playground on bike and foot, which has been an annual family adventure for as long as I can remember. Our family has slowly expanded, starting from meeting my husband at SFU and getting him hooked on our active lifestyle, with our most recent addition being our rescue pup, Mowgli. He has brought such joy into our lives that I am already looking forward to becoming an AARCS foster mom as well, to help other deserving pups find loving homes. Ripping down the trail on my mountain bike alongside my parents, husband, and dog is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

When I’m not training or racing, I can be found handstanding in random places, doing acro yoga with my husband, cooking delicious food, or planning for my next adventure. Calgary is such a great place for exploring, and much of its beauty is a secret to many. As my athletic career continues, I look forward to all the interesting people I will meet, and the rewarding connections that will arise because of it. For now, I’ll be outside, taking advantage of each and every day."

Follow Amanda and her wilderness adventures at @amandanad

Photos by @danieledward.ca