Custom Gear: Brown Bagging For Calgary Kids - More Than A Lunch

We recently teamed up with the amazing team over at Brown Bagging For Calgary Kids (BB4CK). With the help of over 600 volunteers weekly making and delivering the lunches and with the generous donations from individuals and companies, Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids feeds healthy lunches to over 4,400 hungry kids in over 220 schools every school day in Calgary.

They wanted to showcase that they are more than just lunches but how they are building community and bringing people together. Whether its a hungry child in need knowing that there is a whole team of people out there that care about them or the volunteers who spend their early mornings making sandwiches or delivering lunches to schools. Everything they do goes back to the people who make up the community. 

Connecting and inspiring people to take meaningful action to feed and care for kids is their mission and we wanted to create a Made in Canada sweater that represented their core values and people. We asked the BB4CK for a few words that best describe the organization and the people in it and they came up with "Head, Heart, Community, Inspire, Caring and Hands". We got our local designer, Erin Lawrence, to create these unique design for them to help share this store. 

To help spread the word we enlisted some local members of the community who give back and know how important it is to achieve the goal of No Hungry Kids. 

  • Jasmin Shannon - @lemons.for.days

Jasmin started her blog not only as a creative outlet for herself but as a community builder. She wants to share her journey with readers and all the things she has learned to help them
become healthy, happy, and more than just comfortable in their own skin. She works to help women feel like the best versions of themselves by sharing her health, wellness and motherhood journey.

  • Janice Buckingham - @dailyclove

Culinary School Grad, Calgary Private Chef, and holistic living connoisseur that develops plant-based recipes during her daughter's nap time, Janice believes that maximizing life's pleasures and limiting it's stresses all start with what's on your plate! Janice is the owner of Flora Fromage, artisanal, probiotic rich, dairy free cheese handcrafted in small batches, with love.

  • Erin Treschel - @erintreschel

Erin is a full-time model and grew up living and breathing the BB4CK organization since her mom, Wendy, the Volunteer and Admin Coordinator for BB4CK. She knows better than anyone how much the organization does for the community. 

We were joined by two talented content creators, @ekphotographycalgary and @lindseydawncreative. 

To get your hands on one of these limited edition sweaters head over to BB4CK's website and order. 100% of proceeds go right back to BB4CK so they can continue to feed Calgary's Kids.