THIS IS not a black friday sale

You're pretty clever - searching online during the Black Friday weekend, looking for a wicked deal on some wholesome locally made threads that you can feel good giving as a gift or keeping for yourself. We've got to give you props.

Searching for any sort of Local Black Friday Deal is something we admire. You'd rather spend your hard-earned money on a deal from somewhere local rather than a big-box retailer or Amazon.

For the second year in a row, we're doing something different. Get the Garments for Social Good and give back to The Girl Guides Foundation.

buy garments → get cookies → help a good cause
giving back to the community

For every purchase made from Friday November 26, until midnight on Tuesday November 30 we are including a complimentary box of Girl Guide Cookies. The Girl Guides foundation was massively affected by the pandemic, but together we can support this great cause, while enjoying some tasty treats!

Why we love the Girl Guides Foundation

a catalyst for empowerment

Families all across Canada rely on the Girl Guides to help their sisters and daughters be more confident, control their life, and recognize their unique talents and abilities.

7+ million members over 100+ years

Since 1910, the Girl Guides have been a place to spark the imagination of their members and build role models through fun, adventures, and challenges.

diversity, equity, & inclusion

Recognizing and teaching the value of diversity in all of its forms. The Girl Guides continue to develop a culture to encourage self-awareness to allow everyone to feel safe, supported and respected.

We join a small group of Local Canadian businesses encouraging their customers to give back during this Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. Learn about 6 other businesses doing a giveback instead of a discount.→ Visit our blog

give back this black friday
buy garments → get cookies → help a good cause
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