We make apparel that build community. What's one of the first questions someone asks you when you first meet? Where are you from? What part of the city do you live in?

Local Laundry Apparel was inspired by the pride that people have of their neighbourhoods and communities. People are proud of where they come from, not only their country or city but the local community that they grew up in, live in or are a part of. We want to help people connect and build their communities

  • All apparel is locally inspired using different local designers from the community to build each t-shirt and make it unique to that community
  • 10% of our profits goes back into the community by being donated to a local charity of our customer's choice. We've donated money to the Calgary Drop In-Centre, The Calgary Food Bank, The Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter, the Canadian Red Cross, Accessible Housing, and Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS)
  • Want to represent your local community or neighbourhood on a t-shirt? Email us at info@locallaundryapparel.com and we can make it happen  

Local Laundry is a brand that wants to help everyone represent where they come from and who they are, right down to the community and neighbourhood.