Bamboo Giving Socks - Buy One, Donate One to Someone in Need 🇨🇦


These classic, durable and athletic Giving Socks are breathable and are naturally odour resistant. Rayon, made from bamboo, is much softer and stronger than regular cotton and has a silky texture, making these sock the most comfortable socks you'll ever own. By wicking away moisture your feet stay dry and odour free helping to prevent blisters.

Made in Canada Giving Socks socks are of 85% rayon from bamboo, 10% nylon and 5% spandex. Sock height reaches up mid-calf making them the perfect socks for hiking or any athletic activity.

Oh, and we added Maple Leaf in there too, because why not, we're Canadian!

Wash cold and tumble dry. 

SIZE MEDIUM - Women's 5-9 Shoe / Men's 4-8 Shoe
SIZE LARGE - Men's 8-12 Shoe / Women's 10-13 Shoe

For every pair of socks we sell, we will donate one pair to a homeless organization across Canada. Socks are one of the most important things that homeless organizations need for their clients! Keep you and someone in need cool and dry this summer. 

Customer Reviews

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Gifts from Local Laundry

The items I purchased as gifts were excellent quality and style. They were very appreciated by family.

Great Quality

High quality items. Sizing information on the website works well. Items fit great and will wear well!


It was a very easy and quick process....


Knowing the wicking capability of bamboo garments I was interested in how socks would hold up and I was surprised! I wore these for a full day of yard work to see how they would hold up and so far so good, next test is wearing them on a hike!
They are lightweight and breathe really well, but as a summer sock I would rather wear a shorter ankle sock. If that is coming down the pipeline then I can see myself owning a few pairs of the bamboo sock!