Styling with Local Laundry --The Can Collection for Men Edition

September 17, 2019 3 min read

Written by Vanessa Smith
Photography by Floyd (@the_floyd_g) & Ralph (@rvlph.g) Gonzalez
Model Ben Worden (@benworden)
Additional pieces provided by Stuff 4 Him (@stuff4him)
Fashion Stylist Priceless Vices by Vanessa Smith (@pricelessvices)
Look 1 location: Village Ice Cream Victoria Park
Look 2 location: The Bounce Games Par

When we think of getting dressed everyday some of us giggle with excitement and some of us dread the idea of putting together their daily looks. In a world full of fast fashion and massive department stores, our society is looking to gain something more from their purchases.

Supporting local stores and brands has become the biggest fashion statement as of late not only adding to your style but wearing what you believe in on your sleeve, especially if it’s your love for your city. A sense of community and need to support the homegrown heroes has grown stronger and fashion has become a tool not only for awareness but to raise money for causes and bring exposure to local businesses and entrepreneurs in the community. Local Laundry is an impeccable example of brands that give you more than a shirt on your back.

Pairing it with a selection of pieces from your go to local boutique Stuff 4 Him for everything a man of town needs was an easy choice. 

Key pieces like the ones offered by Local Laundry are great for adventuring and exploring the outdoors and an even greater addition to your life in the city. Thanks to the wide yet fantastically curated selection at Stuff 4 Him, which includes Local Laundry, I was able to put together two looks that bring you from day to night on a budget and for a splurge taking your favorite comfort pieces to the next level.

For the first look I wanted to create a go to look that can take you on a summer adventure in the city. Layering the Proudly Made in Canada sweatshirt from The Can collection in burgundy over a yellow plaid button up by Kuwali Tee ($$65). Ditch your quintessential red plaid for some interesting colors to keep it interesting. Throw on a pair of khaki joggers by Publish ($99) and your representing your brand and your city in comfort and style. The color of the sweatshirt would look great with your standard denim or khaki short but playing with color and layering adds a polished touch to a great casual piece. Finish it off with your favorite pair of sneakers to give it your own signature. 

Second look we are splurging with all the bells and whistles. Taking the black Made in Canada t- shirt from work to an evening out with attitude and finesse. Using this Japanese wave button up by National Standard ($129) as a top layer over your t-shirt during the day and open the buttons when the day is done to create a more relaxed look. Don’t leave without a jacket, this blue bomber by Publish ($144.95) will make sure you stay dry and dapper. A beautifully crafted leather bag by Yor Leather ($425) and funky blue sunglasses by Shwood ($199) are great accessories for the man on the go and can be mixed and matched with almost anything you own. Black denim is a favorite staple of mine for men and comes in every variety of fits and fabrics but this black raw denim by LSG in the Brooks fit ($129.20 available online at is polished and the saturated black color elevates the look of your standard denim. Finish it off with a pair of dress shoes that can go from office to out on the town effortlessly. 

Whether your budget is high or low, your outing for business or pleasure, you can style up your favorite local laundry pieces more ways than you may have imagined. Giving you more chances to show the world a little bit about what where and who you believe in.


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