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October 15, 2017

We started Local Laundry as a way represent where someone comes from, showcase and work with those that are making a difference in the community and to donate $1 million dollars to local charities across Canada.

Earlier last year, we were reading a few articles about the fact that many of Canada's shelters were short on supplies, such as toques and mitts when the cold snaps would hit. It got us thinking about how we could use Local Laundry as a vehicle to go beyond just donating money each month. It sparked an idea for creating more purpose driven products.

Today we are very honoured and excited to announce we have officially launched our newest apparel line called The Local Collection. The Local Collection is an initiative to support made in Canada products. We are putting our next steps forward to create a 100 per cent made in Canada purpose-driven apparel line which aims to enact positive impact on the local economy and community.

The Giving Toque is the first product in the Local Collection, that aims to support our initiative of building community by giving back. As it says in its name, with every Giving Toque purchased we willgivea toque to a Canadian homeless organization, such as Calgary’s own The Drop-in Centre. Our goal for the remainder of 2017 is to donate over 1000 toques by Christmas.

As apart of our premium collection line the Giving Toque is the main reason why we've wanted to come out with The Local Collection, a 100 per cent made in Canada line that aims to make a strong impact on our community. By developing and launching our Local Collection we are initiating awareness for Canadian made products so we can continue to spur the Canadian economy by supporting local businesses while reducing our carbon footprint on the environment. For each piece that comes out, they will have a social impact behind it, similar to The Giving Toque. Take a look at The Giving Toque here!

The Giving Toque aims to educate the public on the importance of shopping locally, supporting Canadian made products and having a positive social purpose behind their purchase. The Local Laundry team, including co-founders Connor and Dustin and social and marketing managers, Briare and Kathleen are encouraging Canadians to give the gift of Canadian-made products this holiday season.

As a way to launch the Local Collection and to bring awareness around Canadian made products we’ve partnered with ATB and its Boostr campaign. We decided to work with ATB Boostr because just like our mission statement says, everything we do has to be about building community. By sharing the story around the Local Collection we could enable the community to take part in the ATB Boostr campaign as well. We are hoping to raise $10,000 during our campaign, through offering exclusive rewards that will showcase The Local Collection and other community builders in order to fund our next iteration of The Local Collection. Read more about our ATB Boostr campaign here.

Locally owned, locally grown and creating local impact, we are a company built on the pride Calgarians share with their city. Our inspiration is derived from Calgarian residents and the honour they possess with their neighbourhoods and communities. Established in April 2015, Local Laundry launched its first Calgary collection with the infamous airport code as its logo, YYC. As it stands today, we’ve created Canada, Toronto, Edmonton, Banff, Lethbridge and Red Deer collections, and now, it’s Local Collection just in time for Christmas. The Local Collection will turn its focus away from airport code and city associations with the intention of nationalizing our brand presence and giving back to communities across Canada.

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